How to Drive an RC Car? Tips for Beginners

If you’ve ever driven an RC Car before you know it is not as easy as it seems. Until you press the throttle and try to take a turn, you won’t understand that it requires practice to be able to drive an RC Car properly.

Having said that, are you about to get the experience of riding an RC Car for the first time? Then go no further, check out this guide on how to drive an RC Car properly, you will end up learning it pretty quick.

Learn How to Drive an RC Car With These Easy Steps

I know exactly how it feels when you first take the radio control in hand. The desire of boosting the throttle, taking hard turns, doing drifts and all, every RC driver has gone through that phrase.

But you’ll have to keep calm if you want to learn quickly. Instead of trying to make fancy moves, go on full throttle and impress people, follow the guideline strictly.

Get a Hang of the Steering Wheel

Controlling the RC Car’s steering wheel seems very easy until you take the first turn. Just because you can drive a real car, don’t think that’ll be enough for driving an RC Car. Driving a real car and RC is way too different. In RC Cars you don’t get a steering wheel, you’ll have to use the controller.

However, moving on! Controlling the steering of an RC Car is one of the most crucial points where you should invest more time. If you can’t make accurate turns, you’re gonna lose the race that’s guaranteed, unless the competitors are also amateurs.

Go easy on the Acceleration

Once you have got good control of the steering, now it’s time to move on to the next one which is acceleration. I know you’ll feel like speeding up but trust me, go slow at the beginning that will allow you to master the RC Car faster.

Drive slow and try to dodge obstacles as much as possible for a better hold of control. Keep dodging and think less about braking. Try your best to not brake at all, instead get yourself comfortable with taking hard turns while slowing the car down.

Keep three phrases in mind, go straight, if you see an obstacle right in front of the car, slow down, change the lane and then add speed.

Once you think you are capable of controlling the car at slow speed then you for tracks where there will be other RC Cars as well.

Drive in a Proper Track

There are many perks of driving on a proper track that has an ideal dimension. Just riding on an open field ain’t going to help to compete with pros.

You will have to get onto the track. And the best part is, once you drive on track you will feel like things are getting easier for you. Tracks are smooth and are easy to control there compared to normal terrains. Plus, you can go at full speed here.

Another perk of driving on the track is that it has cones or marked lines which will enable you to do corners more efficiently. Try your best to do accurate cornering, it will help you to grow.

Making the Car Jump on Ramps

Are you an RC Car driver if you can’t do spectacular jumps? Making long jumps and smooth ladings is what entertains the RC fans the most. So if you also want to get into the big-boys game, then get ready to hurt your RC Car.

You’re not going to make a successful landing on the first couple of go’s. Coincidentally, you might but that doesn’t count. One tip I can give you for that is, do not invest much in your very first RC Car. Instead of going after a 300 or more buck worth model, get yourself a decent one within a light budget, there are a bunch of good-quality RC Cars under 150 bucks.

Do all the training with that, let that take all the beatings. Once you master it, then get yourself an expensive one.

Alright, let’s get back to the ramp.

If you are thinking about making your RC Car jump, then make sure to go perpendicular to the ramp edge, in that way there is less chance of the car turning over. And how the car will be flying can be controlled as well. If you see the car is leaning too forward, then accelerate, that will move the car backward and vice versa.

Your goal should be landing the car smoothly on all four wheels. Keep practicing and you’ll be there in no time.

Analyze Yourself

If you are not a professional RC racer, then probably there is no one to train you. But you can do it yourself. Every time you are driving, taking turns, cornering, try to figure out where you are going wrong. What you can do better.

There is no point in practicing if you are not improving. And you can’t improve if you don’t know where you are doing wrong.

And there are some drills you can do to understand where you are lacking.

Take a bunch of cones, and then put them straight on after one keeping a gap that is twice as long as your RC Car.

And then try to go zigzag between those cones without touching them. If you are going it fine at slow speed, then speed up. If your vehicle is touching the cones, that means the control needs to be improved.

Then you can analyze how faster you can go by recording all the lap time. Every time I try to do better than the previous record. These are how you find what you are lacking and what needs to be improved.


Everything comes down to how well you practice. The more you practice, the faster you’ll get to master it, and the better you’ll be able to control the car.

Yes, there will be frustration, you’ll feel like giving up but not doing that is what will make you a winner.

This guide should be enough for a beginner to learn how to drive an RC Car properly as long as it is followed. Hope it helps!

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