How to Do A Proper Bowling Kids Party!?

Every parent will face this all-important choice at some point in their lives: where on earth are you going to have your children’s birthday party? Well, if you’re looking for an easy party idea, which involves very little effort on your part, while also having lots of fun, then you might want to consider throwing a bowling party. We have some of our top tips on how to host the best bowling party, and they don’t have to cost a fortune either.

Party invitations

Everyone knows that invites are the first step to getting your party started. You’ll want to make sure you set the tone for the party – so make sure you’re sticking to that bowling theme. Online you will find plenty of invitation templates to write on yourself. Alternatively, they are also easy to make your own and customise them as you wish – so why not do this as an option instead?

If you’re planning to make your own, why not get your child to draw a bowling picture and scan them in and add them to the invite to make them that bit more personal? Just make sure when making your own that you add an RSVP so you know exactly who to expect on the day.

Party decorations

Most bowling party packages will come with decorations – so if you go down the package route you won’t have to worry about setting up the alley for a party. If you want to add that personal touch to a bowling party, you are going to want to bring your own decorations. To really customise your bowling space, you might want to consider some of the following decoration ideas:


Garlands are one of the most traditional party decorations of all time. When we see them, our brains instantly think ‘party time!’ So getting yourself some bowling-themed garlands is a must for the day. You can easily find these online or at any good party decorations shop.


Nothing says party like balloons – and they are the best way to bring that bowling theme alive. Try getting hold of some black balloons and drawing three white circles on them to look like bowling balls. This isn’t only an effective idea, it is also affordable – and the kids could even take a balloon each home too.

Glow Sticks

If your kids are old enough, getting hold of some glow sticks is ideal at a bowling alley. Given that the atmosphere is already party-central at the alley, it is likely to be somewhat dark there – making it the perfect environment for glow sticks.

Just remember, if you are taking your own decorations make sure before you make all the effort that you are allowed to do so at the bowling alley you choose – everyone will have their own policy, so it is best to check ahead of time to save you any unnecessary hassle.

Bowling party games

Bowling is a great opportunity to play some fun party games. Although this may seem like a one-dimensional party, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Why not consider splitting up into teams and embracing their competitive side by playing girls versus boys? Or let them pick their own teams and battle it out (not literally) to see who the winning team is?

At a package bowling party, you’re usually given a few games of bowling to play – so you don’t just have to play one ‘way.’ During a game of bowling, why not also make it fun by having a ‘who can bowl with the most style’ competition – so long as it is done safely!

As well as being a fun activity, bowling can also be used as an educational tool too. Bowling teaches children about healthy competition, turn-taking and the importance of strategy.

Themed parties

Again, a bowling party doesn’t have to be one-dimensional. Just because you have chosen to have a bowling party, doesn’t mean you can’t have another theme alongside it too. Why not suggest a dressing up theme for the party? You could have a group of princesses battling their way to the top, or pirates racing to the treasure – and by treasure, we mean winning a game of bowling. Just make sure that you dress appropriately for the sport, with no open toe shoes.

Party food

Food is so important for a party, especially if your children have been bowling – they are going to need to refuel. As we have said, with bowling party packages usually comes food too, depending where you go, but you might want to think about something a little extra too. Why not bring your own cake, for instance? Or investigate sharing snack platters? If you’re at a venue that serves food, you might want to consider asking them to suggest options for the day, as they may have some ideas you would never have thought of. We recommend always asking your venue for advice ahead of time, as they may be able to help make the day even more special.

Making it fun

Let’s be honest, bowling is already fun. With great games, great company and excellent facilities – you can’t go wrong. But what else can you do to make the day that extra bit special? Given that bowling is a competitive sport, you might want to consider giving out party awards at the end of the day – who dressed the best, who bowled the best and who won overall? You could then bring little awards for each child and have a little ceremony at the end for them all to engage with.

Keeping costs down

Keeping the cost down and having something that is not only enjoyable for your children, but also affordable, is so important. You won’t want to put yourself under unnecessary pressure to spend a lot of money when things might be a little bit tight already. The perks of a bowling party are quite often kids bowling party packages are very affordable, and everything is included in the price (depending on where you bowl). By choosing a party package, such as the ones offered at Hollywood Bowl, food is included, as well as all the bowling fun for the children to enjoy.


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