How to Create a Photo Collage – Professional Tips

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The best way to relive the memories is by going through the moments. And what’s better than a collage? So, When you can’t settle for one best photo, you can thoroughly choose numerous images to create an attractive collage.

Different pictures come together to form a collage, which is a unique entity in itself. It’s a fabulous way of showcasing different memories by creating perfect timelines.

Fortunately, you can create a photo collage by both online and offline services. Customize them with the help of professionals or DIY to make a custom collage.

So let’s check out how you can create a photo collage.

Prepare Your Photos for Photo Collage

The first step for creating a great college is to prepare physical snaps or digital images for the process. Go through all your pictures, from childhood, family dinners, school, college, and all your travels.

Shortlist the photos with the best clarity, image quality, and resolution. Then, sort them in different folders on your device according to various collages or placements. You can also retouch your photos with photoshop lightroom.

You can use many editing softwares to edit, crop, match aspect ratios and enhance the photos. You can do it yourself by going through some tutorials or getting it done by local stores.

Checkout Online Services

Numerous online services can make custom photo collages for you. Let’s look at a few famous options.

Photo Prints: So, first of all, sort out all your photos and select your favorite ones.

Make a folder in your device and sort them according to different collage or placement areas.

In addition, the online services allow you to get physical photo prints that can be single in a significant artistic paper.

Famous Collage Materials

There are famous materials on which you can customize your collage. However, there are many renowned printing materials like wood, aluminum, and much more. You can explore the options according to your choice. But let’s discuss some popular printing materials.

Canvas: The canvas is a beautiful choice for creating a personalized collage. You can choose several photos and upload them online to get them printed on premium canvas. The custom photo print canvas at ElephantStock is durable, affordable and the result is very artistic.

It comes with a ready to hang sawtooth hanger, are scratch and fall-proof. The lightweight canvas is the perfect choice for making a collage. In addition, you can also use average equality images in the collage.

Metal Prints: Metal prints are also popular as they have remained intact for years. You can print various images on metals to create a rich and lustrous look.

Paper Prints: You can get your prints on different premium papers. It’s readily available both online and offline. Then, you can frame it or hang it artistically to form a collage.

Acrylic Prints: Acrylic is high-quality glass that looks very crystal clear and rich. You can get your college straight away on it or press the image in acrylic.

DIY Photo Prints to Make Photo Collages

Image: ElephantStock

You can use photo prints or a collage on large paper to create a DIY collage at your home.

Frame Collage: Make a collage by hanging photo prints with invisible thread from wooden clips. Tie them horizontally on an old repainted metallic frame. The collage looks so vintage and classic, and I spread it for some childhood memories.

Heart Shape Collage: make heart shape collage with small photo prints and paste it on the wall. It looks creative and striking. You can also create a heart on the corner wall where two walls join. It seems like a folding heart.

Wooden log Collage: Pick a large wooden log from the backyard. Next, hang multiple polaroid photo prints with invisible thread. Now, add some string lights to enhance the gorgeous collage.

Washi Tape Collage: You can border your photos with washi tapes to create a large collage. Use colorful tapes or black color tape all over to make a collage in different shapes and styles.

Collage on Letter Cutouts: Make large cutouts of letters like ‘LOVE’ or ‘MEMORIES.’ Now, stick photo prints on them to create a stunning and out-of-the-box collage. Paste the words on your favorite wall.

Let’s Wrap it

Now, you must be well-versed in creating a photo collage and how you can turn them. So, don’t hide away your photos in some closet or phone galleries; turn them into photo collages with the help of online services.

Also, you can DIY some collage to explore your artistic side. Of course, one can’t relive the moment, but they can cherish it in the form of stunning photo collages.

Choose a suitable place and surprise everyone with your personalization. The collages serve as a great decor, conversation starter and bring the memories back.


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