How to Claim LTD Benefits for Dooring Accidents

A dooring accident will occur when a vehicle’s occupant opens the door of their car carelessly. Failure to see if anyone is heading towards their car may inadvertently cause a cyclist or pedestrian to collide with their door and tumble.

Cyclists are vulnerable to dooring incidents, but motorcyclists may be even more at risk in some cases. In some cases, injuries may be minor, such as a minor scrape or a bruise.

The damage incurred can be severe in other cases, such as internal bleeding, broken bones, and torn discs. There have even been documented cases of people who have died due to dooring accidents.

You deserve swift legal justice and financial compensation for your pain and suffering if you are a victim of a dooring accident through no fault of your own. Here, we will focus on how you can claim long-term disability benefits for dooring accidents.

What Causes Dooring Accidents?

Most dooring accidents occur when the driver or passenger of a vehicle opens a car door without looking if anyone is near the said door. Haphazardly opening a door is very common, but prudence should always be applied to be on the safe side.

Unfortunately, many people are negligent when closing and opening car doors, which can have catastrophic consequences in some cases. Many crowded cities worldwide have recorded daily cases of cyclists and motorcyclists getting injured due to dooring accidents.

The intensity and the hustle and bustle of congested city streets can cause tensions to be at an all-time high. Poor air quality and smog can also make it hard to see clearly. For these reasons, dooring accidents are more commonly reported in busy city metropolises instead of rural areas.

What Should I Do After a Dooring Accident?

If you, or someone you love, are involved in a dooring accident, obtaining medical attention as soon as possible should be your top priority. Call the local authorities to report what transpired as soon as possible.

By filing a police report, you will have evidence that can be used to substantiate your claim in the future. Try and describe the sequence of events that led to the accident in as much detail as possible. You should also describe the pain you are in and explain the extent of your injuries.

The phone number, address, and name of the guilty party will also need to be taken down. Their policy number and the company they are insured with will also need to be jotted down.

Getting all these details can prove problematic, especially if you have been involved in a traumatic dooring accident. Try to gather your bearings before you call the police and seek medical attention, even if you believe your injuries are minor.

Photos can also be taken with your phone to gather even more evidence. The accident scene should be looked at as a crime scene of sorts. Take the time to capture images of your damaged bicycle or motorcycle, as well as the vehicle that caused the accident.

Any road markings or signs should also be documented with your phone.

Some Potential Consequences of Being Doored Are:

Some injured people in a dooring accident might be thrown several feet upon impact. They may suffer from broken bones that could take months to heal. In some cases, the damage may be so severe that their bones never fully recover.

You may be unable to work anymore due to your injuries. You could even become paralyzed and require 24/7 medical care and assistance. You may suffer a stroke due to blood clots or other head injuries caused by internal hemorrhaging.

Permanent brain damage may impact your ability to see, hear, touch, smell, speak, or remember. Internal organ damage may require several surgeries and years of rehab.

The medical costs can quickly mount, with some patients paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay their medical bills. 

In addition to spinal cord injuries and serious nerve damage that may turn a perfectly healthy person into an invalid, some people involved in a dooring accident may be killed on impact or succumb to their injuries after being admitted to the hospital.

How to File an LTD After a Dooring Injury

Filing a long-term disability claim after being involved in a dooring injury can be very arduous and vexing. You may be in great physical pain, distress, and mental anguish. The last thing you want to get involved in is a drawn-out legal process or battle.

It can take several months, or even years, to have a verdict rendered. In addition to the tight deadlines that you need to adhere to be considered for LTD, the legal jargon and mountains of paperwork can be quite intimidating.

If you have difficulty pursuing a legal claim after becoming injured in a dooring accident, legal help may be useful. Hiring an experienced long-term disability lawyer will ensure that you have the highest chances of success.

Moreover, the settlement of your claim will also be accelerated when you work with a seasoned legal expert, and they will take care of the leg and paperwork so that you can focus on recuperating from your injuries.

There is Help

If you have been involved in a dooring accident, you should try to file an LTD claim as soon as possible. An early application will expedite the process and may provide you with the financial support to aid your mental and physical recovery.

The longer you wait, the more likely your claim will be rejected by your insurance company, as they will have more time to build a case to deny your claim.

Author Bio: Jessica Coates is a blogger in Toronto. She graduated with honors from the University of British Columbia with a dual degree in Business Administration and Creative Writing. Jessica Coates is a community manager for small businesses across Canada. When not working, she leisurely studies economics, history, law and business solutions.


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