How To Choose the Right Books for Your Growing Child

“There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book.”

It is a famous phrase stating the importance of child reading books at an early stage. Initially, the child may feel impatient about sitting still for hours and reading books. It is natural.

The guardians must work towards developing a reading habit in children. For this, it is ideal to include a familiar factor your child loves. It could be anything from a superhero or a toy. You could narrate stories related to the respective subject.

It will help children get curious about reading ahead. Reading promotes learning and new experiences for a child. It helps build and develop an overall personality. You can begin the journey by choosing the right books for your kids and dedicating an environment that adds to the whole treasure. The blog states different ways to help you choose the right books as your child grows.

5 Tips for finding the right books for your kid

Before finding the right books for your child, placing yourself in their position is essential. Would you like to read these books as a child? 

Before buying books, it is essential to understand your child’s interests and personality. It should align with their interest. For example, does your child talk about science experiments? Sci-Fi books might be the choice. For more ideas, check the below tips.

1. Analyze the age and the vocab level

When choosing a book for your child, continually analyze the age and reading level. Selecting a subject that hardly interests a child with a high vocabulary might not be the best choice. Different bookstores make things easy by mentioning the age before the shelf. You could ask the shopkeeper for a suggestion if there is no mention.

However, sometimes, a 2nd grader understands the 5th grader’s book better or vice versa. It all depends on the interest of the child. In this case, you must understand the right way to approach and pick the book.

2. Choose books with an uncomplicated plot

For a child, the imaginary world is the second home. He imagines the things as he reads through the lines. Thus, a guardian needs to have a complete check of the subject.

Is it something that could be hard on the mind? Is the theme disturbing? You would not like your child to undergo traumatic reading experiences at a tender age.

Ensure enough time to review the reviews or just the summary of the novel/book. In the initial stage, it is ideal to go with simple animated stories or moral values books. It helps instil positivity among children and teaches new values that develop character.

Children are not usually fond of history; they are inclined more toward the existence of aliens, like mysteries that surround the earth. If you believe your child loves exploring different concepts and mysteries, you could build a library for him. It will help him keep books as he grows and visit them often.

Building a library inside the home is brilliant but requires capital. If you are worried about missing out on supporting your child’s passion, tap a long-term loan for bad credit. By leveraging the same, you could design a productive future for your kid without worrying about financials.

3. Lessons your child will learn from the book

The lessons that the book delivers differ according to your child’s age and perspective development. At the initial stage, books for babies and pre-schoolers focus on ABC and grammar development.

And likewise, at the later stage, it talks about more mature concepts like theories, explanations, etc. You must figure out the right book for your child as per the purpose. What do you want your child to learn from a book?

Does the book serve the purpose? If not, what else could you do to provoke the reader in your kid? It will take you a good round of reading and analysis of your child’s behaviour towards books and the reading aspect.

4. Take your child to the bookstore

Before packing your bags and keeping the essentials, ask your child to accompany you to the bookstore. It would make things a lot easier on your end. In the bookstore, go by the five-finger rule to fetch the best book for your child.

Pick a page in the book full of text walls and ask your child to read it. Note the reaction. Each time your child finds difficulty in reading, count the words. If the count exceeds 5, it may be a difficult read for your child; conversely, if your child covers up the text quickly without much difficulty reading, Kudos! It is the best fetch for your kid.

In some scenarios, a guardian may go for a challenging book if the concept interests the child. You can buy a mix of both. Your child needs to understand the book and the idea well. If there is a book that appeals to your child, get it for them.

Even if the child struggles to capture the plot, grant him the freedom to explore the concept on his end and ask him to re-visit the things he finds difficult to understand; if the problem persists, switch the books. It is a good skill if your child is mature enough to figure out the right book.

5. A child must Relate to characters and storyline

Before spending money to buy a book, always read the introduction and the ending. Characters play a vital role in developing the storyline and the climax. Does the plot feature some great personalities to which your child could relate? 

Is there something that the child could learn from the characters mentioned? Evaluate these little things before buying. It directly relates to a child’s interest and further reading ventures. 

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Bottom line

These tips may help you figure out the best read for your child. Apart from these, if your child loves books from a specific writer or illustrations, check out the subsequent reads from those writers. Award-winning books may also be a good fit for your child.


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