How to Choose a Free VPN for iOS to Protect Your Kids Online

It is almost impossible to keep kids away from the Internet. In today’s world, they are constantly using gadgets with Internet access for fun and study. And even if you manage to limit their access to online content, they will still watch it from their friends’ iPhones and tablets. So, the best strategy is to teach children about cybersecurity and have an open dialog. This way, a free VPN for IOS can become a reliable cybersecurity tool and open up additional learning opportunities for children.

How does the free VPN for iOS work?

In this article, we are talking about gadgets on the iOS system as they are the most popular among young people, but most of the tips will apply to other operating systems. The primary purpose of a free VPN for iOS is to securely transfer data and protect online privacy. This is achieved in the following ways:

  • After connecting to a remote VPN server, user information is no longer sent directly to the final recipient but is rerouted through a remote server. A secure tunnel is created between the user’s device and the VPN server, from which information is virtually impossible to intercept.
  • Data is encrypted and transported in an unreadable code format, which protects it from being read in case of interception.
  • The user’s IP address is hidden from third parties, and they can only see the IP address of the VPN server from which they receive data.

All this makes the VPN an essential tool in the cybersecurity battle.

Against what Internet risks can a free VPN protect kids?

1) Gaming risks

Young users rarely think about safety when playing online games. They can disclose personal data in the game chats, which can lead to harassment and blackmail. In addition, they, like adults, can potentially become victims of DDoS attacks on gaming companies, which can lead to data breaches, including financial ones.

A free VPN allows you to play safely and even opens access to more games due to the ability to change the IP address.

2) Privacy invasion

Children do not always treat personal data as responsibly as adults. They may disclose this data online. Modern technologies, such as AI, allow criminals to create a fake identity based on such data, and fabricate a child’s voice or video.

With a free VPN, such information at least cannot be linked to the user’s IP address and a full profile cannot be assembled.

3) Phishing

Children are usually less informed about phishing schemes and are more at risk of such attacks, which can compromise not only their accounts but also family accounts.

4) The risk of using unprotected Wi-Fi networks

Again, due to a lack of awareness, children may feel too safe using mobile devices on unsecured Wi-Fi networks. From this point of view, it is especially important to teach them how to use a free VPN to hide their IP address and encrypt traffic in such unsecured networks.

What additional benefits can a free VPN offer for kids?

On top of the obvious security benefits, which include minimizing the above risks by encrypting and redirecting traffic, a VPN can bring additional benefits:

1) Access to more educational resources

By using a VPN and connecting to different VPN servers, students can bypass geo-blocking and study online on platforms of various countries. To do this, you need to choose a VPN that has a server in the country whose online resources you are interested in.

2) Immersion in a foreign language environment

Childhood is the best age for learning languages. At a young age, it is easier to retain vocabulary and children can learn several languages simultaneously. If your child is learning a foreign language with a free VPN, you can create a virtual language environment for them. It’s like immersing your child in a language environment while traveling, but for free.

To do this, you need to connect to a VPN server located in the country where the child is learning the language. This will allow the child to browse the Internet as a local and consume the maximum amount of content in the target language.

Checklist on selecting a free VPN for IOS for kids?

To choose a reliable free technology, you need to look for an application that meets the following criteria:

  • High level of encryption (256-bit).
  • Modern tunneling protocols (for example, IKEv2).
  • Compatibility with different devices. Children often lose and break gadgets, so choose a VPN that you can easily install on your child’s next tablet or phone.
  • Convenient support service. It is important to have a round-the-clock chat available.
  • Speed. Your child will most likely refuse to use a VPN that ruins his or her online gameplay due to low speed. Check if the VPN provider sets any restrictions for users of the free service.
  • Server network. If you are planning to use the VPN for studying, check whether the provider has a server in the country you need.

After evaluating these criteria, you will be able to choose a reliable free IOS VPN for your kid.

Possible dangers of using a VPN by kids

Along with the undeniable benefits of using a VPN for security purposes, there are certain risks associated with it. Children may use VPNs to bypass the restrictions set by parental control programs, restrictions on access to entertainment content on school devices, and to access content prohibited for their age in general. To minimize such risks, you should first of all engage in an open dialog with your children. They should understand why certain restrictions are set for them and what the goal of these limits is.

It is worth teaching children cybersecurity by example and constantly explaining the threats and challenges of today. This way, a VPN will become a reliable assistant in the fight for children’s cybersecurity.


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