Everything You Need to Know About How to Become a Web Developer in 2023

We use Microsoft Word or Google Docs to write website content or complete college assessments. Similarly, when we click on a login button on a website, it takes us to the login page. How does the software or website know what to do when we give them a command? The answer is a developer.

Every piece of digital technology we use has a developer or an entire team working tirelessly to ensure the product or service works seamlessly. They are the minds behind all our digital technologies and play a critical role in making our lives easier. However, there are different types of developers.

We should not expect a web developer to have big data or game development expertise. Although they may be able to create one, it misuses their abilities. So, it is pertinent to understand what a web developer is and what you need to do to become one in 2023. It is precisely what we plan on doing in this discussion.

What is a Web Developer?

Over the past few years, there is a drastic increase in the need for web developers. It is quite surprising as WordPress and other content management systems enable even people without technical skills to create compelling websites. One reason behind the popularity of web development is eCommerce website development.

With a sudden shift towards eCommerce, more people are trying their hands at online businesses. An online business can only survive with a professional website. Even if you plan to host your store on Shopify or similar platforms, you still require an expert web developer.

After all, you cannot handle the technical aspects. A web developer is a professional who tells websites and web applications how to operate them. For instance, what happens when you click on the login page or an image? Most developers either specialize in the front end or the back end.

What is a Front-End Developer?

The front end is what the end user sees. As you read this article, what you see on the website is the front end. In other words, front-end developers handle the design or visual aspects of a website or web application. They work closely with web designers to convert the concept design into an easy-to-use and navigate interface.

Nowadays, front-end developers work closely with search engine optimization (SEO) experts. Why? They must structure the website in a way that makes it easier for the crawler to crawl it. Lastly, front-end developers must ensure the design is responsive and viewable on all screen sizes.

What is a Back-End Developer?

The back end is the server side. It refers to everything going on in the back to ensure the front-end users have a seamless experience. They work with a wide range of programming languages. A key skill every back-end developer must possess is problem-solving. They must use the programming language to write code that helps address the problem.

A Full Stack Developer?

An increasing number of developers are now front and back-end experts. They call themselves full-stack developers. They possess knowledge and skills in both domains. Unsurprisingly, organizations are increasingly hiring such developers as they are more versatile. You can achieve your dream by enrolling in a Full Stack Developer Course online.

Web Development Languages

A discussion on web development or web developers is incomplete without touching upon different web development languages. These languages help create websites and web applications. You cannot become a web developer if you are unfamiliar with these languages.

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the most basic language and helps structure web pages and website content. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) helps with the visual aspect of the website or web app. JavaScript is beneficial in creating an interactive and dynamic website. Some other widely used languages include PHP, Python, Java, and Ruby.

Web developers often combine these languages to create unique, dynamic, and interactive websites or web apps. Now, you know everything there is to know about web development, languages, and the type of web developer. So, let’s now focus on what you need to become a web developer.

How to Become a Web Developer?

There are two routes:

  • A University Degree
  • Self-Learning

Our experience shows even with a university degree, individuals don’t have the skills to become good web developers. However, their networking at the university makes it easy to land jobs in high-paying companies. It is there they learn the basics of web development. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a university degree.

But don’t let it keep you from becoming a web developer. You can become a reliable and hiring-worthy web developer in numerous other ways. We call this approach self-learning.

Become A Web Developer Through Self-Learning

There are numerous online platforms (e.g. Coursera. Udemy) or web development companies that teach you about web development from scratch.

If you are uncomfortable with online learning, you can look for a business offering web development courses. You must pay for these courses, but they are worth it. Once you understand the basics of web development, you must start applying the knowledge.

Create your own website or web app and experiment with it until you comprehensively understand how to apply the knowledge in a real-world setting. You will need to spend countless hours in front of the screen. You must ensure you are comfortable fiddling with code and don’t give up easily.

Next, start looking for beginner-level projects. You can do so on freelancing platforms, social media platforms, and other forums. We recommend keeping your charges low initially. After all, no one will pay good money for a person who has beginner-level expertise. Complete at least thirty freelance projects in different areas. You can create an online portfolio of these projects, as it will help you land more clients.

Once you are adept in web development and have enough experience, apply for jobs. You may earn more through freelancing, but a job is important. A job certifies you have the relevant skills. It can help you land senior positions as a job opens the doors to networking with people in the corporate world.

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Wrap Up

Don’t forget the importance of continuous learning. If you get complacent, it won’t take long for someone to replace you or take over your freelance clients. So, keep learning new languages and stay up to date with the latest web development trends. It concludes our views on everything there is to know about web development and how you can become one in 2023.


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