How Parents Can Make Eclipse-Watching Enjoyable for Their Kids

Chances are, you heard about the upcoming solar eclipse. This upcoming event is special due to it being a total solar eclipse. A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon entirely blocks out the sun.

When this type of eclipse happens, the sun’s brightness and warmth disappear for a few magical minutes. Also, eclipses are rare. According to experts, there won’t be another total solar eclipse visible in the United States until 2044.

With the upcoming eclipse being such an important event, parents want to make it an exceptional time for their children and enjoyable for themselves. Follow these steps to ensure the upcoming eclipse is a time your family will enjoy.

Explain What Will Happen

Depending on your children’s ages and what they’re learning at school, they may not understand total solar eclipses and what makes them such historic events. Don’t worry—you don’t have to be a teacher to explain a total solar eclipse to your kids.

A great way to explain such an incredible subject is by getting a children’s book themed around solar eclipses. Besides being easy for you, reading to children helps their young minds learn while you effortlessly capture their attention.

Keep Their Eyes Protected

Looking into the sky towards the sun for a few moments may not seem harmless. However, that’s not the case. Even momentarily staring at the sun can cause vision impairment issues and potential eye damage, some of the last things any parent wants happening to themselves or their children.

Enjoy the assurance of eye protection for you and the little ones with solar eclipse glasses. These glasses aren’t like the ones you wear in the car or at the beach—eclipse glasses contain ISO-certified material to provide superior eye protection. Standard sunglasses aren’t for looking into the sun, including brief glimpses.

If you’d like a project for you and your children to do together, a pinhole projector is another way to view the eclipse safely. Instead of looking up, pinhole projectors project that an eclipse is happening through its shadows on the ground.

Turn an Eclipse Into an All-Day Event

We can’t deny that the eclipse itself will be a short-lived event. As mentioned earlier, experts predict the upcoming eclipse will only span several minutes. But who says that’s the only time your family can spend together? Some families are making the most out of the eclipse by making it an all-day event.

During this time, get the family together for pictures and videos. Taking videos and images ensures you capture this historic event for a lifetime.

Host a Fun Trivia Game

Some parents are using the upcoming total solar eclipse to teach their children. While your children are learning about eclipses, why not test their knowledge with a game of trivia? A family game of trivia gets everyone learning and having fun together.

Entice your children to get in on the fun by offering eclipse-related toys or posters for correct answers. Another enjoyable spin on this idea is to have a trivia game pitting parents against children.

Make or Buy Eclipse-Themed Treats

Whether you and your family plan on driving to see the eclipse or viewing it from your backyard, either option can work up everyone’s appetites. Setting out snacks and dishes ensures no one is hungry while watching the eclipse.

If you’re one of many parents understandably pressed for time, purchasing pre-made snacks is the way to go. Several ideas for food or beverages with an eclipse theme can include Starburst candies, Moon Pies, and Sunny Delight. Parents with time to spare who are skilled cooks or bakers can whip up homemade eclipse-themed snacks.

Set Up a Crafts Station

A great way to enjoy an eclipse with your family is with activities everyone can do. So, gather your family and bust out the arts and crafts supplies. Your options are nearly endless when buying items for this upcoming eclipse-themed art project. Some popular choices include:

  • Watercolors
  • Crayons
  • Colored pencils
  • Acrylic paint

Once you have your supplies, have everyone use them to paint, draw, or color what they imagine when thinking of a total solar eclipse. Then, when everyone completes their artwork, you can frame them to further commemorate this memory.

Give Everyone Time to Prepare

This tip may seem obvious. But it’s easy to forget the importance of letting your family know exactly when the eclipse will occur. Since eclipses don’t last long, it could be easy to miss if everyone’s rushing minutes before this short-lived event takes place. If your family plans to travel for the upcoming eclipse, don’t forget to add extra time for likely heavy traffic.

The eclipse is right around the corner. But you don’t have to stress about last-minute plans for this event. Follow the advice above to ensure your family will always remember the day they shared watching a total solar eclipse.


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