Holiday Season Can Pose Some Trouble For Pets – Here Are The Safety Tips You Need To Know!

The holiday season is characterized by decorations, food, and people make it slightly challenging to ensure your pet’s safety. It becomes challenging for most people to understand how they can take care of their pets, so negligence creates no emergency. 

This article will delve into the significant festivities where you must make the most of the pet safety tipsThe following pointers can help you get sorted and keep your pets secure. 


You might get slightly scared of Halloween. However, seeing your pet has a scary mishap is not fun. But chances are you might have to beware of specific dangers:

The trick-or-treaters

It would help if you got vigilant on your pet when you welcome the trick-or-treaters. And it becomes very easy to get distracted as you look at the silly, cute, spooky creatures and dole-out candy that gives your pet the scope to move outside. The moment that happens, they can get hurt and even get lost. One of the best ways to keep your pet secure here is to put them in a cozy and quiet room so they can stay safe and secure. It is essential to ensure that the pets get their collars with tags and microchips the same to make sure that there is a safe homecoming. 

Halloween candy

Chocolates are not a good idea for pets because they can result in diarrhea, vomiting, seizures, tremors, and death based on how much chocolate they infest. The candies or the Xylitol gums can also prove toxic and should be kept out of reach for your pup. If you have trick-or-treaters on your own, ensure you don’t get home and toss the looting bags where your pets can access them. Also, it would help if you were confident that the candy doesn’t come in contact with the dog. 

The decorations

A few decorations, such as candles, can become highly dangerous for obvious reasons. However, there are hazardous Halloween items that you might have yet to think about. For instance, fake cobwebs are one of the funny ways to make the mantle highly spooky. Your pet can become tangled and might want to eat them. It can result in an emergency visit to the vet. It would help if you also kept a watch for the small toys, such as plastic spiders and rubber eyeballs, which can choke your pet.

The glow sticks

Even though the substance within the bracelets, necklaces, and glow sticks isn’t toxic, the taste is terrible. The pet can salivate and find it challenging to get out of that taste. If your pet chews it, it might have a bad taste on its tongue, which can upset them as they run away. It will become a scary situation for you and your four-legged friend. 


The pumpkins are not toxic. Hence, when you take on a little bit, it will not affect your pet. That is not all. Your pet can witness a stomachache when they consume an excess of it. Therefore, you should keep the jack-o-lanterns and the pumpkins in a place where you can’t have access to it. You always have the choice to use the battery-powered “candles” in the jack-o-lanterns, which can light up the candles to avert accidents. 


Costumes can become highly stressful for pets. And the famous names associated with animal cruelty think that no pet should get dressed in one until they are comfortable in it. Hence, when dressing the pet in a costume, you should ensure that the small pieces are in the correct place so that it doesn’t choke them. 


During this occasion, a collection of harmful food and other food-associated issues can make it challenging for your pet. Some of the probable dangers are:

Harmful foods

Thanksgiving is the season for feasting. You have to ensure that your pet doesn’t consume any harmful food. For example, you need to ensure that they don’t eat up any garlic, fatty food, raisins, grapes, onions, macadamia nuts, and even yeast dough which can lead to multiple issues. Spoiled foods are the most troublesome. Hence, you need to keep the garbage cans in a safe space, so your pets don’t get to them. 

Real bones

No need to treat your pets with chicken, turkey, or other real bones, irrespective of how much they beg for it. Also, the bones can splinter easily, injuring the mouth’s soft tissue and leading to severe internal damage when they swallow it. If your pet has an affinity for bones, you need to buy a secure bone-shaped treat from the local pet store and get the same for dinner. 

The hot containers

Pets become increasingly curious when they smell anything delicious. It would help if you looked at the hot containers so that they don’t get tipped and burned and the pet ends up eating something toxic. 


Enjoy your Hanukkah by keeping your pet aside from other probable harmful objects. Some of the popular ones are:

Menorah Candles

Be very careful about what you keep beside the Menorah. Think about keeping your pet in another room as you light up the candles. You would want to avoid rubbing it against the Menorah and then getting knocked or burned, thereby starting a fire. 


It’s fun to play with the dreidel. However, small dreidels can prove to be a choking problem for pets. It would help if you kept them at a safe distance once the game gets over. 


Right from the festive parties to the festive decorations, there is a lot that you can enjoy for Christmas. But your pet might also get hurt if you don’t exercise caution. Here are a few things that you need to take care of:

Holiday plants

If there is mistletoe, don’t plan to kiss your pet. Holiday plants such as mistletoe can be toxic for cats and dogs. Steer clear of poisonous plants. You can securely deck all the halls using plastic plants and artificial silk.

The gift-wrapping

The presents look very festive beneath the trees. However, the bows, ribbons, and wrapping paper might spell trouble for the pet. If the pets to it, they might swallow it and get choked, leading to intestinal blockage and other internal damage. It would help if you thought about all the things that get placed within the gifts, which can also get harmful. 

While speaking about Christmas, you also need to consider its decoration, which can be unsafe for pets. You have to ensure that the pet doesn’t knock the tree. You need to ensure that the pet doesn’t drink any tree water, as it can carry harmful bacteria and other fertilizing chemicals. Don’t use Tinsel, and the pet can swallow the same. Usually, cats get tempted by Tinsel, which can bring down the entire tree. 

You also need to take care of the lights and the wires and ensure the pet doesn’t trip over them. There are instances where the dog can chew the wire and get choked. In such a situation, you might have to take your pet to the emergency clinic, where it can make some recovery. 

The Christmas ornaments

All these can appear to be harmless toys for dogs and cats, and they can prove to be highly harmful as and when the pet eats them. They can injure the pet’s mouth and result in internal injuries. You should ensure that there are no pieces of the broken ornaments so that there is no danger of them ingesting it. It would help if you kept a lookout for the hooks where you intend to hang the ornaments and other decorations. 

Christmas treats

Today, you will find several goodies in and around the Christmas season, and you must know all that is apt for the pet. The brownies, chocolate desserts, and the Xylitol treats can harm the pet. 

Finally, there are the Christmas parties, where several people come in and out of the house. Some pets don’t like socializing, and you have to make space for them to relax and rest in a secure space. You must create a silent space where your pet can lie down and relax. It will ensure that your guests are taken care of and that even your pet has its safe corner to relax and rest without eating anything harmful. 

No matter what festival it is, it would help if you keep your dog’s characteristics in mind. It would help if you never did anything that would make your pet uncomfortable. This does not mean that you will not celebrate any festival – but this should not be at the cost of your dog’s comfort. As a dog owner, you have a huge responsibility and role to play. Your pet is not a toy. Make sure that you take proper care and that everything else is carried out smoothly. A happy pet is a happy household. What do you think? What are your plans for this festive season? Is your dog included in it?


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