Guide to Packing and Moving with Kids

Uprooting your family from their home and neighborhood can be a difficult time for parents. Fortunately, a little planning and preparation can go a long way in helping your children through this time. Here is a quick guide to packing and moving with kids.

Provide Age-Appropriate Guidance

How you approach a move with children largely depends on their age. Younger children may have a difficult time grasping the finality and permanence of a move while older children and teens may be struggling with the challenges of potentially changing schools and finding new friends.

For example, younger children will benefit from a trip to the new place to play in the backyard or see their bedroom. Older children will likely benefit more from frank talk about the challenges they may face during this transition. Maybe you want to encourage them to set up an email account to keep in touch with old friends?

Get Organized for Packing

A big move can seem overwhelming when you look at the big picture. The organization is key from the beginning of the adventure. Breaking up the tasks into more manageable chunks will also help you to face the duties ahead.

Other good ideas include using color-coded boxes for different rooms of the house, investing in a label maker, and creating a moving binder to keep all important documents. If you have young children underfoot, it may be worth your money to hire a babysitter so that you can knock out your packing.

Leave it to the Professionals

One of the best ways to make the moving process as seamless as possible is to leave the bulk of the hard work to the professionals. What may take you days to do can be accomplished in hours by those who do this every day. Looking into nationwide movers is especially important if you are planning a move to another state.

Hiring a company such as Fast Moving Group will ensure that you enjoy a quality and professional moving experience. These relocation experts will take the stress of the moving process off of you so that you can focus on guiding your children through this transition. Do not leave the security of your belongings to chance.

Stick With Normal Routines and Pack an Overnight Bag

There is no doubt that the moving process can throw your family’s schedule into disarray. This unpredictability in your daily routine can make this period in time even more difficult for young children struggling with the move. This is why you must stick with a normal routine when going through this process.

On the day of the big move, be sure to pack an overnight bag with your child’s favorite comfort items. You can use this bag and its essentials on your last night in the old home and the first night in the new place. Good items to include are a favorite pillow or blanket, electronic device, stuffed animal, or anything else that you know will make these nights easier. The last thing that you want is to get into your new house and not be able to find your child’s teddy bear because it is packed away in a box.

Cherish Old Memories but Create New Ones

It is natural if your children are having a difficult time saying goodbye to the old home. This is particularly true if they spent a good amount of their childhood in this house or if they are attached to the neighborhood. Taking pictures, making a memory book, and allowing your children to formally say goodbye to the home will create a sense of closure that can help them through this process.

That said, it is also important to immediately begin creating memories in the new home. Maybe you want to start a new Friday night dinner tradition out on the patio? Perhaps you want to make a new growth chart on the kitchen pantry door? You must lean into the new family home and begin creating new memories.

These five tips will make the moving process as easy as possible for your family, ensuring that your kids are provided with the logistical and emotional support that they need during this time.

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