Fun and Easy Woodworking Projects for Kids

Looking for a fun and easy project to do with the kids?

Why not try woodworking! Woodworking is a great way to spend some quality time with your children, and it’s a skill that they can use for the rest of their lives.

Plus, it’s just plain old fun.

Here are a few easy woodworking projects for kids that you can try at home.

1. Putting Up a Birdhouse

Constructing a birdhouse is probably the first idea that pops into your mind when you’re trying to figure out simple woodworking ideas for children.

Everyone has come across the traditional image of children surrounding a patio table assembling and painting pieces of a beautiful birdhouse as the older kids help adults drive nails in.

It is unforgettable to see your children excited to go out to the backyard to see the first bird that settles in a birdhouse they’ve built. You can use plywood for roofs when building the birdhouse.

2. Jewelry Case

With a little adult supervision when it comes to measuring, designing, and cutting the specific wood pieces needed, children between 11-12 years can find immense pleasure in making a jewelry chest as a gift for their mother. They can screw the hinges, glue the parts together and decorate the completed jewelry box at the end of the project. This experience can be their initial foray into the world of woodworking, allowing them to learn the basics, akin to a practical application of wood carving 101, where they get to create something beautiful and functional from scratch.

3. Wood Cart

This is a fun toy that small children find very amusing. If your child is little, you can have them sit in the wagon and push them around the yard. As they advance in age, they can use the cart to transport their toys around the house.

As far as woodworking projects go, this is among the simplest beginner wood carving ideas. Children can assist in gluing some of the pieces together and painting, while an adult can attach the wheels to prevent any accidents.

4. Wooden Flags

Putting together a wooden flag is an innovative and educational way to reuse wood lying around the house. As your children glue the parts together and paint them, you can teach them some lessons about the flag. You can also stir up their interest in other countries and then go ahead and paint the flags of these countries.

This activity requires a drill that kids shouldn’t handle. However, it’s still an inexpensive and fun project.

5. Pallet Signs

This project requires no tools at all, save for your kids’ imagination! Making pallet signs is not costly, making it one of the best woodworking projects for children. All you have to do is find some pallets and let your children write or draw on them. You can encourage your kids to artistically write your family name on the pieces and use it as a welcome sign for your main entrance.

6. 3-D Geometric Shapes

So far, most of the projects listed in this article require adult supervision owing to the hazards related to heavy hammers, sharp nails, power tools, etc. However, designing three-dimensional geometric shapes for children over ten years can be a remarkably exhilarating outlet for their energy and creativity.

The good thing with this project is that it requires minimal adult supervision as all they require is sanding paper and pieces of wood. When they finish making spheres, pyramids, and cubes, they can further this project by decorating and painting the shapes according to their preferences.

7. Wooden Coasters

This woodworking project requires adult supervision to cut the coaster’s shape. Nevertheless, after you’ve cut out the shape, you can allow your older children to sand it (with sanding paper instead of a sanding belt) to give the placemats their final form. You can then let your younger children paint the coasters to make them fun and stylish.

8. Picture Frames

These are super easy to make, and they make for a very pleasurable experience when the children complete them as they get to display a family picture somewhere in the house.

Frames are usually made from thin wood, hence making this project very easy. With constant adult supervision, older children can cut the pieces—something that’s impossible with most wood projects—because thick wood is harder, making it more dangerous to cut.

9. Storage Box For Crayons

This DIY woodcraft project is for preschool children. Kids at this age usually use crayons, and they’re incapable of handling power tools.

After making the crayon holder box, you can sand it down, smoothen the surfaces or spray a paint coat on it.

This project also teaches the kids about tool organization and the importance of storing things after use.

10. Simple Wooden Spinning Tops

Spinning tops are among the favorite toys for kids. Your kids can do this simple DIY wooden project in less than 20 minutes. This is a great way to teach them hand-eye coordination.

You only need a few materials to make these wooden tops—sandpaper, a sharpener, wooden toy wheels, and dowels. 

Just like making wooden bowls, this toy is a simple beginner woodcraft project that most kids enjoy participating in.

11. Wood Stamps

Woodcraft projects for children mostly encompass decorating the items than the actual fabrication. However, for this particular project, your kids can create their wooden stamps if they’re responsible and old enough—give them an awl and cylindrical wood pieces to start this project. They can then use the wooden stamp on their letter and notebooks. 

12. Tiny Wooden Playhouse

This project is for bigger kids who can handle nails, screws, and pallet wood. The entire process of making and playing in the small wooden playhouse will boost your kids’ creativity. 

The best part is that you can get materials like wooden pallets for free from the local hardware stores.

13. DIY Storage Boxes

You can use these DIY wooden boxes to store school supplies, clothes, and toys. You’ll need a jigsaw for this project.

After making these boxes, your kids can paint them. Kids enjoy the craftwork in painting just as they love doing other beginner woodwork projects.

14. Wooden Icosahedron Lamp

You need to learn about shapes and some mathematical terms in order to make a wooden icosahedron lamp.

This woodworking project is perfect for kids who love geometry and science, as they’ll discover many patterns and shapes as they make this lamp.

15. Wooden Ruler And Folder Holder

This is an easy-to-make basket-like holder with a solid base and sides. You’ll attach the rulers in the front and back in a striped pattern.

After completing this project, place the holder in your child’s shelf or study table for organizing their notebooks and folders to help keep your home neat.

16. Wood Robot Toy

This woodworking project is for younger kids. A wooden robot buddy is like a toy friend for your kid that’s big enough to delight them. This toy has simple enough components that your kids will feel as if they’re playing with blocks.

You can simply build a wooden robot toy from your imagination. This project will unleash your kid’s creativity.

17. Workbench For Kids

Kids will learn from this project that they must build something at times in order to make other things. This project is excellent for kids with handy parents, and it will give them a chance to feel a bit more grown-up as they begin to assemble their own tools collection.

You can build a kid’s workbench from your imagination or get a blueprint online.

18. DIY Catapult

Kids are usually excited to make their own toys. A toy that tosses things captures the attention of most kids. They use catapults to throw balls through the air and in other games of skill.

You can get a ready-made catapult for your kid but making one from scratch is better since you can modify it however you like. Your kid will also get to choose the appropriate size for them.

19. Chopsticks

If you like ordering Chinese takeouts, you likely have many wooden chopsticks in your kitchen drawers. These chopsticks are usually bland and disposable. You and your kids can make your own chopsticks to give them an artistic flair.

While making chopsticks might not be as exciting as other projects listed in this article, it’s an incredible experience and a bit more challenging than you think. This project requires little adult supervision. Once you’ve carved out the wood for your kids, have your older children sand the sticks until they’re smooth, and your younger kids can paint them to their liking.

20. Growth Ruler

This is an easy project that delights every kid. You only need a permanent marker, a measuring tape, and a standard-sized plank to make a wooden growth ruler. The kid’s growth ruler will help you avoid marking the walls when monitoring your child’s growth.

21. Wooden Heart

If you have leftover wood from other woodworking projects, you can have your children make a wooden heart. Not only is this a good way to recycle wood but also an excellent idea for a birthday or valentine’s gift.

This project typically takes 30-45 minutes to complete. Once you carve out the heart, have your children decorate it as they please.

Bottom Line

These easy wood projects for kids will help you engage your kids in fun activities and keep them away from their gadgets. Besides spending quality time with your kids, these projects will also help you nurture their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creativity. 


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