Four Steps to Start Earning by Writing

Writing is one of the most aspiring skills, and it gets even better when you get paid for it. Parents often worry that their child will not be able to accomplish anything if too much time is spent on surfing the web. What they miss out on is that when their children are browsing through websites, students searching “complete coursework for me“, they come across a lot of blogs and articles. Some of these write-ups are very informative and add to their current knowledge. Many writers exist because they once were great readers. All they had to do was practice their writing skills.

Can Your Child Write Creatively?

All the schools have a mandatory requirement of essay writing in certain subjects. If you think that your child can put together his or her thoughts into meaningful content, then you should make them practice the writing skill. They can start with a small paragraph and expand it further into an article. With constant practice and monitoring, they may become experts in writing which can also be taken as a career of choice once they grow up. As long as the article they write resonates with the requirements and is not plagiarized, it’s a skill high in demand.

There are many areas or topics one can write about; there is no limitation to that. If the content is helpful to the reader, it will keep readers attention until the end. For example, they can write about:

  • Important factors of a college admission essay;
  • Science fiction;
  • Emerging technology;
  • Gardening;
  • Motivational topics;
  • Sales techniques.

The list can be endless, and your creativity can go as far and wild as it wants. The question now is how to develop writing skills? Developing the skill such as writing is where many parents feel there is a deadlock. They want to encourage their kids to read and write a few hours every week, but they don’t know how.

Pick a Topic That Interests Them Most

It will be easier to assign them short writing tasks based on their interests. If they talk about cars, make them write about their favorite car and what makes it the best. If they like sports, pick their favorite team and encourage them to research on past 5 years’ performance and big hits and ask them to bring it on a piece of paper. Don’t be disappointed if the article is raw, that’s how each writer starts. Make them repeat the exercise but this time with other random topics they can talk about.

Help to Create a Blog Site

Writing is all about staying motivated. Helping your kids create a blog is another way of encouraging them to keep practicing their writing skills. With a blog site in place, they will have something to look forward to. They can self-publish their articles and share with a wider audience like their friends, teachers and class fellows. The feeling of acknowledgment is the best way to keep their spirits high and push them to keep polishing their writing skills.

Specialization of a Domain

The third step is to encourage them to pick one theme they feel very passionate about. Earlier, we took an example of cars; make sure that their blog is about writing anything and everything about cars. This will keep them focused on their passion and increase their expertise over the subject.

Get Paid to Write

There are plenty of freelance writing jobs online in search of unique and quality content, and if your child builds the skill now, he/she can take it up as a side job once they are in college or university. And the good news is that these sites pay.

There are websites that are constantly hungry for content, and they are willing to pay for it. Websites such as Freelancer or UpWork have project owners always on a hunt for excellent writers who get paid either on an hourly basis or a fixed value for the agreed work.

There is no limitation on how creative people can be regardless of their age or education. What is important is that how is that creativity put to good use. A lot of it depends on what kind of direction are kids getting from their parents and teachers. They may have the skill but may not be aware of how to utilize it. But if they are guided in the right angle than who knows they may become publishers of the widely cruised website or author of the most selling book.


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