Focusing On Your Homework: How To Stay Undistracted

Homework is a problematic topic for hundreds of millions of people around the world. Regardless of the country, culture, ethnicity, homework unites people who feel miserable having to push themselves to complete tasks outside of their educational institutions. Homework allows people to study in the comfort of home, without the supervision from professors and the limits of the institution’s subordination rules. However, there are lots of problems that outweigh the pros of working from home, turning it into torture. For some students who get down to their home assignment in financial studies, it may get so challenging that they resort to looking for professional help with accounting homework. Luckily, homework is not as bad as it might seem, especially if you apply certain lifehacks that can show you how to organize your homework and enjoy the educational process.

What usually distracts me from homework?

Unfortunately, if a person approaches homework wrong, any object that surrounds the student is a potential distraction. TV, Internet, social media, books, eating, the chance to go hang out with friends, and many more distractions are widely known. However, even walls, internal thoughts, and the very air that surrounds the student can distract him/her from doing homework. The problem is not in the objects which surround you, but in the tricks, your brain uses to make you as non-active as possible. Brain activity requires a lot of energy, so your brain is interested in preserving it. A properly approached homework makes all the objects around you irrelevant, but it might be a long way to achieve. Thus, it is worth hiding all the distractions that have a high level of intellectual involvement so that your mind has fewer things to trap its attention in. Then, all the work must be done by your mindset and a series of helpful tools that turn homework into a breeze. 

Useful applications and tools that can help

One of the most popular ways of accomplishing any goal is to create a plan of action. Today, every smartphone, computer, and other devices people carry with them all the time can act as planning tools. There is a myriad of applications that provide planning tools with different levels of fanciness, flexibility, performance, and more. The key is to take any of them and start to use it. Well, it might be hard from the beginning, but remember how deadlines motivate you to accomplish even the most unbelievable tasks. By incorporating a system of deadlines to your life, you can fill your life with small goals to approach, knowing the limits of time you must fit. You can always aim for the perfect result if the time is unlimited, but if you have one hour, you better do everything possible to make the result as good as you can. This way, planning software (even the simplest Notes application on Android or iOS) can be a very powerful tool in improving one’s life. Homework is one of the tasks that can be perfected, needs time, and can be accomplished in a small period of time. You guessed it, go for planning software, and you will notice how fast you can do your homework. 

 Another way of improving the organization of homework is the system of reminders. Not everybody can keep in mind all the dates, time frames, names, and other information without any losses. It is natural for human brains to scrap the information it deems unworthy of focus (usually, the things that do not directly bring satisfaction), so we must assist it at keeping all the schedules remembered. Alarm is perhaps the most basic of all tools when it comes to reminding something to the person. However, when the number of tasks grows, so does the complexity of updating it and setting new tasks, not to mention the necessity to delete the accomplished tasks. Todolist is an app that was specifically designed to eliminate the flaws of the alarm and make it look as pretty as possible. The application can make notifications, show the full list of tasks for today, assign the time frame for each task, which is perfect for assigning time to homework and remembering to do it in the first place.

The mindset that can help

There are thousands of organizing tools, literature, advice, and much more, but the key to success is not entirely in them. The most important thing is to jump on the train of completing everything in time and remember the feeling it brings. Usually, it is extremely pleasant to do everything in time (especially if your classmates fail to do so!), so the brain must associate completing the work in time with the dopamines (hormones of happiness) and aim to achieve their bursts. The best advice to get used to anything is to associate it with positive experiences and happiness, which is quite possible even when it comes to homework. Learning how to organize your homework is definitely one of the steps at approaching homework correctly so that it leads to happiness instead of misery.  As it could be seen, there are plenty of ways to do homework not as bad as you might have thought before. Chances are, if you are reading this, you are frustrated with the necessity to do homework all the time, so I think you should feel better now. Now, you should be able to understand that the problem is not in the distractions in the environment, but in the approach to homework. The right approach allows achieving nearly everything one can desire. The tools I have proposed are there to assist at finding the right approach to homework so that it turns from a negative to a positive aspect of your life. Remember, laziness is not a sin, but a defense mechanism created to conserve your resources. You, an evolved human, can control it and trick your brain to become whoever you want, starting from a successful student that does homework in time.


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