Facial Care Tips For Teenage Girls

Facial Care Tips – One of the first signs of becoming a teenager is often the changes visible on your skin, especially on the face. These changes that happen to your body during puberty are caused by the rush of hormones at this age. The hormone rush makes your skin oily, and bam! Your clear skin becomes spotty, bumpy and often greasy. This happens because oil blocks the tiny pores in your skin where thin hairs grow (These small pores or holes are called follicles.). The oil blockage makes spots appear. These spots can be itchy, sore, or burning.

These spots (sometimes called ‘zits’ or ‘pimples’) are of different kinds.

  • Acne is an inflammation of the skin. It can appear on any part of the body, but tends to be mostly on the face. The skin gets red, itchy and sensitive to touch. During puberty, most teenagers tend to get some form of acne.
  • Blackheads are blackish or yellowish, and appear like bumps in the skin. Usually these disappear slowly.
  • Whiteheads are bumps that are whitish on the surface. The pore underneath will be completely blocked. These tend to go away faster than blackheads.
  • Freckles are little brown spots on the skin that are harmless. They are little groups of pigment cells. There is no instant cure for freckles, but using sun protection and avoiding sunlight may stop you from getting more.

For some teenagers however, the skin changes are different. They might have dry patches, a greasy nose and a spotty forehead. Sometimes all happen together; other times one at a time.

By the way, contrary to popular belief, teenage spots are not the result of eating too much of candy or chocolate.

Confusing, isn’t it? But then isn’t everything about the teen years a bit confusing? Anyway, we know that during the teen years your skin is working overtime, and so you will have to look after it more thoroughly than before. Keeping your face clean is very important. If you struggle with keeping your face clean, then go visit the nyc dermatologist.

Let us talk more about how to care for your face during the teen years. Here goes:

  1. As far as possible, do not touch your face with dirty fingers. Wash your hands before touching your face. It is best if you can avoid touching your face with your fingers, whether dirty or clean. Use a clean tissue on your face. Not your fingers.
  2. Keep your glasses and sunglasses clean from grease. Otherwise they might clog up your pores when you wear them. This goes for any material that comes in contact with your face, be it a handkerchief or a tissue. Make sure they are clean.
  3. For Pete’s sake, do not squeeze your spots. This could easily lead to an infection, and scar your skin in the long run. You will have to get over the urge to touch, rub or squeeze them.
  4. Use make-up that is not likely to block your pores. Before you buy any skin product, double-check with an adult you trust. Go for quality.
  5. How do you clean your skin? Use a mild cleanser in the morning, and before bedtime. However, do not scrub too hard. Your skin may get sore and red. Do remember to clean under your fringe if you have one.
  6. After cleaning, use a light, oil-free moisturizer, preferably with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 20. Your skin at this age is very tender and sensitive. We’d better protect it from harsh sunlight.
  7. Wash your towels and pillowcase regularly, as you use them every day. Use soft towels to sponge your face.
  8. If you have a lot of spots and would like to do something about it, it is best to consult a doctor and get a medicated lotion. If you do buy an over-the-counter lotion, be very careful because very often some products are very strong, and may irritate your skin.
  9. If you wear make-up, make sure you take it off before going to sleep. It is best to use a mild cleanser specially made for taking off make-up.
  10. Store-bought cleansers are not always the best. Sometimes, your mother or grandmother will know about natural cleansers or lotions made from fruits or vegetables that also work wonders! Do ask them if they know any natural remedy for teenage spots.
  11. What do you do if your spots are really bad? If you feel self-conscious about your acne or other spots, you can always use a concealer to hide the worst. However, go for good quality even if it costs a little more. A concealer usually has a thick consistency, and may contain an antiseptic to prevent infection. It is best not to apply the concealer directly onto the skin from the container. Read the instructions fully before you apply on your face. This goes not only for concealer, but anything you apply on your skin.
  12. Make sure you get enough sleep. Good sleep is absolutely necessary for a glowing complexion. Sleep duration at different ages is different.
  13. Make fruit juices, fruits and vegetables an unavoidable part of your diet.
  14. If you are overweight, it shows on your face. The puffiness and double chin can be avoided by maintaining your weight within the healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) range.
  15. A healthy looking face is part of a healthy looking body. So, it is essential that you maintain your body-fat percentage within acceptable ranges. Watch what you eat. Increase your intake of vegetables and fruits. Also, drink lots and lots of water. Your skin will love it.
  16. Lastly, if by any chance you have fallen into the habit of smoking, for the sake of your skin and your overall health, stop it right now. Do not think twice about it. Stop. It. right. Now.

Here’s to clean, glorious skin, and awesome teen years!

Teaching your kids beauty hacks might determine them to pick it up as a hobby and you never know when they will dive into the beauty industry when they grow up.

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