EduTech Marvels: Transformative Technologies in Education

If someone asks you to look for a restaurant for dinner, you will invariably search for it on the web. All of us are dependent on technology to find answers to common questions. The internet has taken the world by storm and is the most effective way to get answers to any question. In all fields, from travel to education, the impact of technology is felt everywhere.

What seemed to be a distant dream has become a reality. Now, you can use voice commands to operate your smart TV, let your car do the driving for you and whatnot. If we talk about recent developments in technology, we cannot leave out education. The field has witnessed a massive transition in recent years. In fact, the number of online learning users is expected to reach 57 million by 2027. Further, online assignment help websites like MyAssignmentHelp have grown more popular in recent times.

The online learning industry is considered to be the fastest-growing industry, with a 900% growth since its inception in 2000. We will take a deeper look into the ways technology is implemented in education.

In this blog, we will explore some key technological aspects of education and also take a look at transformative technologies in the field.

Transition in Education: What Has Changed?

As the world goes digital, institutes across the globe have made it a point to adapt to online education and make things easy for all. Gone are the days when you had to pack your bags, check your timetable and reach school or college on time. Now, you can attend classes from the comfort of your home and refer to recorded lectures in case you have missed a class or two. While there’s no end to people not willing to adapt to changes, the majority have benefitted from online education. If you are among the ones not willing to change, here’s why you should:

  • Online learning ushered in added flexibility and self-paced learning
  • Preparing for the future
  • Easy and better time management techniques
  • Demonstrated self-motivation
  • Better communication and collaboration
  • A broader, global perspective
  • Better critical thinking skills
  • New technical skills

With time, technology in education has also improved with time. On that note, let’s take a look at transformative technologies in education.

Transformative Technologies in Education

What are transformative technologies? It is difficult to find a proper definition of the term. However, if you understand the meaning of the name, you are halfway through. Transformative technologies are the ones that are held responsible for major changes. For example, even a decade back, you would not have thought about using a mobile phone the way you do now. Also, if you look at social media, you will understand how it transformed communication for all and sundry.

So, what are the things that are transforming education? Let’s take a deep dive:

A. Artificial Intelligence

There’s no one who has not heard about AI and the way it is transforming the world. Why would education be left out? The implementation of AI in education has taken things to the next level. What seemed to be a difficult and time-consuming task for teachers has been addressed by AI. The technology has automated administrative tasks and is able to check homework, grade the tests, organise research papers, maintain reports, and various other things.

AI-powered chatbots have been designed to address student queries and share perfect answers to the questions that are bothering them. Further, with machine learning algorithms, AI is able to share a detailed insight into student performance and help them identify the areas of improvement. In simple words, AI is slowly changing the perception towards education and is probably the next big thing in education.

B. Gamification of Learning

Textbook lessons have always been boring. Despite teachers applying some innovative ways to teach students, things have never turned the way it was expected. But with technology being implemented in education, things have started looking better. The concept of gamification has transformed the way students used to learn and retain information. Play and learn is now a reality, all due to the gamification of learning.

Educational games and interactive simulations have made things interesting for students across all levels. Engagement is something that was missing in traditional classrooms. With gamification in the picture, students are able to connect to what is being taught. Consequently, students are automatically encouraged to participate in the learning process and enhance their knowledge.

C. Blockchain Technology

While technology has made things easy for students, there’s no way to deny the dangers associated with sharing personal information online. It is one of the major reasons institutions have started implementing blockchain technology to make the entire process safe and secure. With online education taking the centre stage, there’s no way to keep the important things on hold.

Further, the technology prevents any tampering of student records related to academic achievements. There are ways to hack systems and tamper academic achievements, which need to be prevented. Blockchain allows institutions to streamline the credential verification process and also allows people to have more control over educational data.

D. Robotics

Innovation in robotics is nothing new. There are many instances where robots have been put to use in a different way to make things easy and facilitate a better working environment. Some of you might feel that robotics is restricted to students pursuing STEM subjects, but that’s not true. As education was made completely online, robotics has found its use in it.

There are educational robots that are used to teach coding, problem-solving and computation thinking skills to students. Also, the robots have found usage in special education, offering personal support to students with diverse learning needs. The implementation of robotics has eased the entire education process and helped students find a way to learn new things without being bored or stressed out.

E. Virtual and Augmented Reality

AR and VR are two of the most innovative transformations in technology that have taken the world by storm. Institutions have started implementing these two technologies to make things better and more interactive for students. What if you get a chance to live in the past and relive what you read in history? It would be more interesting, right? That’s what VR and AR do. They make things more interesting and make learning more engaging for students.

Things that you never liked reading will seem engaging, and you will learn things easily. You will be inclined towards learning the lessons and also be interested in attending classes. No one enjoys sitting through boring lectures. VR and AR have addressed this common problem and helped students be more interested in the lessons.

F. Adaptive Learning Technologies

You cannot deny how you wished at some point in time or other to get some personalised sessions or content tailored as per your interests. While it was not possible in the traditional education system, technology has made things possible. Adaptive learning technologies are used to track student’s progress and help students find a way to learn the lessons properly.

A personalised approach has always helped students learn things well and at their own pace. Adaptive technologies make things more engaging and help students learn the lessons better. There’s no way to deny the importance of these technologies in education and how they are transforming the entire education system.

G. Cloud-Based Learning

Keeping track of the notes you have collected in class can be difficult most of the time. Especially, when the exams are knocking at your doors, you look for the notes you have collected and waste a lot of time to gather all of them. Cloud-based learning has made things easy for students. The notes can be saved on the cloud and can be accessed at any point in time. It is important to keep things handy to be on track and not waste time in searching.

There are various platforms where you can save your notes and access them at any time. There’s no chance of missing out on any information, even if you have missed a class. You can easily access the things taught in class and keep yourself updated. Cloud-based learning has transformed education and has helped students and teachers ease the entire learning process. It is one of the major reasons students have preferred online learning over traditional learning.


Online learning has ushered in a new era of learning. Both students and teachers have accepted the system and have preferred the system over traditional learning. With technology making its presence felt in every field, education has also benefitted from it. You need to know the correct ways to use the various elements and learn the lessons properly. Acknowledge the importance of online education and how it can help you learn things well. The points above will help you understand the significance of transformative technology in education.


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