Dog Bite in Kids: What to Do When a Dog Bites Your Child?

Pets are the most lovable creatures on this planet. Who doesn’t love them, isn’t it? And people agree that dogs are more than just a pet for them; they are one of their family. Therefore, if you’re in a situation where your or someone else’s dog bites your child, you might be shocked. Although this was not your dog’s character before, there are times when their animal instincts prevail over them.

Any dog can show aggression and attack under certain situations, and children are most vulnerable to grave injuries. Children are more in danger of getting bitten by a dog than adults, and the harm from the bite is also more significant in children than adults. According to the National Institutes of Health reports, severe dog bite injuries happen to children younger than five, where the injured part is mostly the head and neck of the child.

What Should You Do First If a Dog Bites Your Child?

Whenever a dog bites, assessing the bite should be your priority. Is there blood? How big or deep is the wound? Does it require emergency services? After examining this question, you can determine your following action.

For First Aid

  • Even if the wound is severe, conduct first aid, as moving while still bleeding is not advised.
  • Stop the bleeding by placing a towel over the injury.
  • To reduce the blood flow, elevate the injured area.
  • Use soap and water to wash off the wound and clean the blood.
  • Apply a bandage to the injury.
  • To prevent bacterial infection, use an antibiotic.

However, if the bite is intense and severe, take the injured to the hospital for further examination by an expert. If it is a small wound, you can take the injured to the doctor for further assessment or manage it at home by cleaning it daily and applying antibiotic ointment regularly.

What are the Most Common Types of Dog Bites?

The severity of dog bites can range from minor to severe, depending on the situation of the accident. Although the bite case of every dog differentiates from each other, categorized dog bites divide into one of the following severity levels:

  • Level 1- it is a minor type of dog bite. It usually involves aggressive behavior, including growling, barking, and jumping on the victim to scare or shock them and get them to leave the animal alone.
  • Level 2 – But a mark is left by the dog bite, even though it is the minor side of the dog bite scale.
  • Level 3 – In this level, the dog bite is usually moderate, the skin gets punctured, and the animal’s behavior is mildly aggressive.
  • Level 4 – Due to the dog’s aggressive behavior, numerous significant bite skin punctures, bruises, or other wounds are caused.
  • Level 5 – In this level, the damage caused is fatal and includes deep puncture, nerve damage, bone fractures, or other injuries.
  • Level 6 – If the animal’s highly aggressive behavior kills the attack’s victim.

What Is a One-Bite Rule?

  • The first bite is not the dog owner’s responsibility.
  • The owner should monitor the animal’s behavior after the initial bite to prevent more attacks on the victim.

Suppose a victim wishes to bring legal action against the owner of the offensive dog to make them pay for it. In this situation, they should prove that the dog’s owner either knew his dog was already hostile or was irresponsible and unable to prevent the dog’s aggressive conduct in the first place.

What Actions Can You Take After a Dog Bites Your Kid?

Section 822.005 of the Texas Health and Safety Code states that dog owners get punished criminally and civilly accountable for the actions of their canines. Therefore, you may be able to file a lawsuit for dog bites in some situations, but you’ll need to demonstrate the owner’s carelessness or other wrongdoing.

Dog owners may get sued and face criminal charges if:

  • The dog’s owner neglected to secure the animal, and it unprovoked attacked everyone who ventured onto their property.
  • The dog will attack anybody outside the owner’s property if it is unsafe, as the owner is aware of the dog’s violent tendencies.
  • Either scenario carries the risk of fatality or severe harm.

The owner, however, can argue in court that the victim provoked the dog, trespassed on the owner’s property, or they were unaware the dog was dangerous, and evidence shall provide to prove this. After a dog attack, you should see a Personal Injury lawyer for legal guidance, and they will assist you in describing the dog bite technique.

Ask for legal advice if your child gets hurt due to the dog owner’s carelessness. You may quickly assess your claim to see whether you qualify for compensation for a harm or monetary loss brought on by a dog bite incident.

A knowledgeable dog bite attorney can assist you in obtaining total compensation for your losses and damages. Additionally, you can be saved from this hustle if you have an attorney-client relationship.


No matter how slight your injuries maybe, if you are bitten by a dog and suffer harm. As a result, the dog’s owner must make up for it. However, this can’t be true in all of its essentiality, depending on state dog bite laws and regulations.

The settlement you receive depends on several factors in your case. For example, the cost of treating a dog bite in a child can be much higher than in an adult because large canines can severely injure small children’s sensitive tissues, leaving them permanently scarred. It exists. In many circumstances, you can even press charges in court for dog bites.


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