Does Your Kid Use a School Bus? Keep Them Updated About Safety!

Road accidents are a grim reality, the price only a victim may know well. These are avoidable, but someone’s negligence or intention and sometimes other conditions make everything unpredictable. While everyone involved in this incident pays the price less or high, those who suffer the most often have a different experience. Their lives go topsy-turvy. The focus is on school bus accidents—more than 8700 school buses in Kentucky ply, carrying nearly 385,000 students.

When students climb up or down the bus, other vehicles also pass them by, posing risks like injuries and fatality. However, it doesn’t mean the risk is there only during this time. As hinted, even the driver can be at fault. Nevertheless, your kids must follow some safety measures and precautions to avoid unpleasant encounters, especially when they board or step down from the bus.

Safety guidance for kids regarding bus stop

The kids should reach their bus stop a minimum of 5 minutes ahead of the bus arrival time. Show your kid a safe waiting spot, which should ideally be six feet distance from the curbside. The kid should not play or run in this area. They should allow the bus to stop and wait for the doors to open for them. Also, they must follow the driver’s signal to know when to get on or down. Since school buses come equipped with handrails, they should use them while boarding the bus to avoid falls. Tell them to inform the driver if they accidentally drop a book or phone close to the bus. It can be risky to try to collect them without their notice. The driver may not be aware if someone is down there.

You can impart these basic things to your kid for their safety. But despite all sorts of prevention from their side, the kids can still be in danger if driving mistakes are involved. If your kid gets injured due to such circumstances, you can get help from attorneys for bus accidents. Before this, let’s find out typical reasons for school bus accidents in a Kentucky city.

Situations leading to school bus accident

Negligent driving behavior can be one of the common factors. You can attribute the risks to behavior like distracted driving, traffic rule violation, driving under fatigue, etc. If the school bus driver were driving after consuming drugs or alcohol, it would be a case of drunk driving. You can settle for punitive damages if you hire an experienced attorney for this case. Also, whether a driver lacks proper training or is aggressive, the risk of an accident remains high in both scenarios. However, if the accident occurred due to poor tires, engine issues, or failed brakes, the responsibility may lie with the bus manufacturing company.

Anyway, the legal process is not that simple to understand. You cannot make a determined move without counting all the factors. For example, an accident caused by drunk driving makes the driver responsible, but something untowardly happening due to mechanical glitches is not his fault. An ordinary person may not understand the implications of these nuances. But a lawyer tends to be well-versed in all the details. So, it is safe to approach them for their guidance.


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