DIY Science Projects For Kids To Do At Home

Cool DIY projects for science class are a great way to spend your free time. These projects do not need a great deal of time or energy. They can be done with things you find at home. So not much cost is involved.  However, it is necessary that you involve an adult, preferably your parents or teachers, in the preparation and execution of the project.

We recommend these projects to you because they are valuable tools for you to explore the world of science. You can even buy a DIY Holographic Heart Tote Bag. They awaken your curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Moreover, you will come to know that science is not something you read in text books. You will know that science is everywhere and that the world moves on science.

These projects can be done by anyone of any age, as all that you need to have is an interest in the ways in which science works, and a child-like curiosity.

They can be done at home or school. Be sure to get your parents’ or teachers’ permission before you start. Also, to do the projects successfully, follow the instructions given very carefully.

Awaken the scientist within you!

1) Make a rocket with a balloon!

Did you know that you can make a rocket at home? Well, here is how. All that you need are the following:

  1. A balloon, preferably one that is shaped like a cylinder, but even round ones are fine.
  2. Tape
  3. One plastic straw
  4. Kite sting, about 10-15 feet long or thread
Image courtesy: science-fair-projects.blogspot

Let’s do it!

First, tie one end of the kite string to a door knob or some other strong support. Thread the other end of the string through the straw. Then, pull the string tightly, and tie the other end to another door knob or strong support in the room. The next step is to blow up the balloon. After you blow it up, pinch the end of the balloon, but do not tie it. Then, tape the side of the balloon strongly to the straw.

Image courtesy: science-fair-projects.blogspot

Your rocket is ready now. Time for launch.  Let go of the balloon.  The balloon will zoom to the end of the thread. Watch the rocket fly!

The science behind

When you let go of the balloon, air rushes out of the balloon, and this creates a forward movement for the balloon. This forward motion is called thrust. In a real rocket, this thrust is created by burning rocket fuel as it blasts down from the rocket’s engine. As it blasts down, the rocket zooms up!

Image courtesy: 14solvbr.wordpress

2) An explosion!

Are you game for an explosion? What is going to explode here? Let us see. What you need are

  1. A small zip-lock bag (sandwich size). Freezer bags will do very well. Use small-sized bags. If you use big ones, the explosion may not happen.
  2. Vinegar
  3. Warm water
  4. Baking soda
  5. A tissue
  6. Measuring cup
Image courtesy: loganfamilyof5_blogspot

Let’s do it

This project is best done outside. You might mess up the place a bit. First, pour a quarter cup of warm water into the bag. Next, add half cup vinegar into the water. Take the tissue, and put 3 teaspoons of baking soda in the middle.

Wrap the tissue around the baking soda, by folding around it. Now, zip the bag partially. Quickly, put the tissue with the baking soda into the bag and close the bag completely by zipping it. You have to do this very fast. Now put the bag on the ground and step back.

Image courtesy: 2011pvsrm03_wikispaces

What do you see?

The bag will expand …and expand….and finally ….POP! That was cool, right?

The science behind

What happened inside the bag?  Well, it is simple chemistry. The baking soda and vinegar mix together to create an acid-base reaction, and this reaction results in producing a gas called carbon dioxide. (You know that carbon dioxide is the gas we breathe out.) As the carbon dioxide begins to fill the bag, it expands. It reaches a point when the bag cannot hold it any longer, and then it explodes.

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