What Digital Marketing Expert Says About Digital Marketing Future in 2023

Evolving tools, trends, and technologies provide an opportunity to take advantage of the new digital marketing opportunities of the future. However, keeping track of ongoing improvements and the latest functionalities like WooCommerce product labels and badges can be overwhelming but beneficial for site owners.

Stay ahead of the game and expect the unexpected as you read about the future of digital marketing. We expect to see these as most digital marketing trends for 2023 and beyond.

1. Voice Assistants and Bots

Chatbots and other forms of assistance will become more and more popular in 2023. They are helpful not only to customers but also to companies. The most popular sales argument is customer service, where AI helps predict customer behavior and creates hyper-personalization. Since 2020, many marketers have started using chatbots in their user interaction strategies. Businesses have noticed improved communication with customers through the adoption of digital technologies.

The main benefits of such help are round-the-clock and quick answers to questions. Voice assistants are getting better every year. Phrases like “Ok Google” and similar things will soon become a thing of the past, and a thing of the past and can make tasks and communication and finding things more accessible. 

2. Metaverse

The world within our world is what is often referred to as the Metaverse. Metaverse is now owned by Meta (Facebook). The concept of virtual space exists with augmented reality to create a new and unattainable experience in the world.

The Metaverse enables social exchange through a web of reality/universe that can be accessed almost anywhere. Well, digital entrepreneurs have found an opportunity for their brands to fill this gap and create a new marketing strategy.

3. Short Video Content

Many of the statistics in this post show that we were right that short video content continues to grow in 2023 and beyond, so we will take both sides.

But you should see someone who shows interest in TikTok advertising has grown over the past five years and shows no signs of slowing down in 2023.

4. AI-Powered Marketing and Support Technology

Artificial intelligence has been driving the future of digital marketing for some time now, but in the next few years, we will see a massive leap in what this technology can do.

Chatbots will become the customer service model and replace any human agent as machine learning algorithms become more sophisticated and can imitate humans with almost frightening accuracy.

Sales are increasingly conversational and specialized, and chatbots allow you to take advantage of this situation without putting a strain on your staff and resources.

AI is also being used in advertising. Even though Google has not reached the highest level of human creativity, Google uses AI-based ads to optimize ads by identifying the best examples, copying, and automatically adjusting them based on human usage.

5. Omni-channel Marketing

Whereas nowadays, the consumer expects every business to be presented online as needed, where different media will be used to interact seamlessly with your target market. This approach, often called m-channel marketing, allows you to create any barriers or “bunkers” that various media create. For example, a product advertised on TV must also have an online anchor optimized for desktop and mobile users.

The idea is that customers can use multiple media to learn and interact with your products (or services) before and after the purchase. If there is no smooth flow between these different levels, it can affect the experience and result in the loss of sales.

6. Multilingual Machine Translation

Most of the content on the Internet is written in English, which limits their audience. Many non-English speakers using online translation tools may mistranslate and duplicate your content. Because of this, the creation of multilingual content has increased, especially with the rapid development and use of machine translation (MT).

However, relying too much on machine translation can lead to the same results as online translation tools. For this reason, post-production machine translation often referred to as MTPE, is of great interest to digital marketers. Combines advanced technology with translators’ skills to create multilingual content that accurately conveys the marketing message and avoids wrong sales.

7. More alternatives to third-party cookies

The situation in the modern world is such that the customer wants to reduce the distribution of personal information or have a high level of control over who has his information, how it is used, etc.

As a result of this situation, the iOS 14 update completely changed the app search by giving people the right to choose from the target check. Google has followed suit and plans to phase out third-party cookies in its search engine by 2023.

But there is a problem because third-party cookies are required for many digital purchase methods depending on the purpose. Businesses need to find other solutions if they plan to collect and use customer information to contact them.

Third-party marketing cookies will gradually disappear, but essential cookies will remain. To further develop accurate customer information, first-hand information can be collected. CRM tools, research, and additional communication tools are suitable for this.

Google has prepared a sandbox to make it easier for marketers to adapt to today’s realities without third-party cookies. With it, businesses can target each element to users, protecting customers’ personal information.

8. Live Commerce

Brands choose their social media ads to show their products in real life, and the audience can buy the product themselves.

Even on Instagram, a dedicated store has allowed brands to embed a “Watch Now” button on live videos, slashing customers. Real-time shopping reduces the time it takes for a shopper to post an ad to make a purchase, just like one digital marketing strategy in 2023 is doing.

9. Outsourcing to Digital Agencies

While this is good for us as a company, it is not why we are predicting. We don’t want this to happen. It’s just the truth.

In the second half of 2023, many companies, especially technology and digital ones, were forced to lay off employees due to uncertain economic conditions.

Even aliens like Meta or Amazon have not been left unscathed. But the big companies themselves, and when they get established, obviously must outsource some work. In the case of 2023, the market is usually sold.

10. Augmented Reality Becomes Commonplace

The mobile game is an excellent example of augmented reality in video games. Still, it’s also a marketing opportunity, with companies selling the ability to sell to consumers to try and catch a Pokémon or two at their door.

Augmented reality isn’t just entertainment for gamers. Brands increasingly use it as a tool to attract customers. 61% of consumers want to buy and are likelier to buy from companies that offer augmented reality.

Ikea is now offering a list of tangible things you can furnish in your home, and retailers are starting to use augmented reality to let their customers try on clothes from the comfort of their homes.

Expect to see more brands jumping on the augmented reality bandwagon and gradually adopting the technology with more ambitious goals. It’s a great show.

Final Thought

To stay on track for any business in 2023, you need to stay on top of marketing trends, especially numbers, because it is the future of this market. But the most important thing is to understand how to use the proper methods for your field of activity.


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