Cute Birthday Present Ideas for Babies In 2020

If it is your baby’s first birthday coming on, you have my hearty congratulations for a full year with such an adorable baby. The first birthday is traditionally a well-celebrated one – and for the right reasons. This means that you have to get a beautiful first birthday gift for your baby, and you are probably reading this article now because you need ideas. The good thing is that there is a wide range of gifts for your little one, with many of them helping the growth of the kid and ensuring their continued development both mentally and physically.

With numerous colorful and cute baby gifts for all occasions all around you, it might be a fun task for you to find that one of those two that you think is the most suited for you and your baby. The peculiarity of buying a cute birthday present for babies is the right motivation for us to create a selection of gifts that might appeal to your kids.

Toys are a common baby gift, and many babies love their toys. But as well as the different types of toys you can get them, there are many other gift options that you can buy for them.

Here are some of the birthday present ideas for babies in 2020.

AquaDoodle Large Water Doodle Mat

If you have started to see signs of an artistic gift or personality in your baby, you might want to help bring it out of them from a tender age. You can help your baby harness their creative capacity quickly by providing them with something as colorful as the AquaDoodle Large Water Doodle Mat, to help them learn and practice some art basics such as drawing, painting, stamping, etc.

With the AquaDoodle Large Water Doodle Mat, they have the necessary and fundamental instruments to set them on the right part and help them achieve their dreams and potentials. All you need to do is to fill up their pen with some water and watch them have fun while painting. The large size of this mat also means that your kid would enjoy these benefits, but a couple of other babies can join in and play with it.

The colors of this may have a magical appearance that is likely to fascinate them. To add to the fun, you wet the baby’s hands and feet so that they can make out their handprint and footprint with much more ease than having to paint with their hand. It also appears cleaner than whatever they are capable of doing at their tender age.

Boppi 4 in 1 tricycle push along with trike stroller

Every kid will love this one. Perhaps, one of the most exciting features of this tricycle is that it is going to continue growing with the baby as they grow older until they outgrow it. So, it is not something that you buy for a short while.

Some of the features of this tricycle include the child safety seat, EVA puncture-proof tires, fold-away footrests, and an adjustable seat. It also has some detachable accessories such as the bottle holder, bell, and toy box.

A significant characteristic of this trike is that it has different stages, and the most fundamental step has safety features with full parental control of the trike. It is very much like a buggy, and your child will be more willing than ever to get into it.

This trike has been mentioned in some essays reviews that involved baby gifts and items. It is said to be of excellent quality, colorful, lovely, easy to assemble, and really sturdy.

It also has a strap that is placed on the safety bar and around the child as well. It also has a small bell that is easy to operate, and the baby will certainly love it.

Angelove Ball Pit

The Angelove ball pit is more than a birthday present for your baby. This ball pit is about 90cm x 30cm pit that they developed gorgeously so that your baby gets both style and fun without sacrificing them in the end.

They created the balls in this ball pit from eco-friendly microfiber, which makes this choice of gift a brilliant once, especially for very active babies. The baby can go diving or throw balls and start and finish a party of their right there in the living room with the Angelove Ball pit. When you have these, what do you then need soft play centers for? 

I can assure you that your baby – whether male or female – would love plenty of fun with this and fall in love with it. This ball pit is so tall that the kids will have to hold the sides while they walk around it, and it is also big enough for two kids to get in there and have the fun of their lives. The ball pit also comes with plenty of balls and is much recommended.

Ancaixin Baby Balance Bike

This baby balance bike is a full four wheels bike with wide seats. This baby-balance bike is perfect and appropriate for babies that are already a pro in the act of walking, but it is also suitable for those who are only just starting slowly. The limit of the steering is given at 135 degrees, and this secures that baby and ensures that they do not fall over while cruising around town in their new ride.

Another good thing about this bike is that it is lightweight. At just 5 pounds of weight, you can easily maneuver it. This is sure to make the parent have some sweet sleep knowing that their baby is safe on their bike. Although the bike has a maximum age range of 2 years old, it is sturdy enough to withstand a weight of 100 pounds.

This balance bike helps the smooth transition for the users from this to a free bicycle with the training wheel as they grow older while also encouraging them to be able to balance things while also having fun at the same time.

Hape Pound and Tap Bench

This one is a multi-use toy that can help babies develop excellent motor skills and have musical ears. The baby can roll, toss, or pound on the ball. They can also play the xylophone that is pulled out, which helps develop their dexterity and hand-eye coordination. From a tender age, they start to learn about the effect and cause of music and enjoy the joy in it. This is an award-winning toy (got the Crisbie awards in the category for the best first musical toy). It also does not require much space as it only takes up 9 x 6 inches.


There are numerous birthday present ideas for babies in 2020. But these are some of the few ones that I found to be very good and very effective in aiding the physical and mental development of your child while ensuring that they have fun.

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