Critical Skin-Care Tips for Rosacea

Skin problems are something very common. We all have been through this stage at some point in our lives.

However, Skin conditions like rosacea, psoriasis, and acne do not have any specific causes or treatment, but these skin conditions can be neutralized with some precautionary measures stated below.

1. Understand the triggers:

Every human body reacts differently to skincare products (chemical or plant-based), weather conditions, or even our everyday meals. It is advised to keep a strict eye on how your body reacts to certain food types (sugary, salty, spicy). Alcohol or anything in this category is likely to increase your skin damage. Understanding your body reactions to all these elements may help in avoiding rosacea flares.

2. Avoid products that make your skin dry:

Rosacea leaves your skin flaky and dry. Cosmetic products produced for normal skin contain multiple ingredients which can harm your sensitive skin badly. The products with alcohol, witch hazel, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and other irritants must be avoided. These components pull out all the moisture and turn your skin rash and damaged. Research well before buying any cosmetic product or you may try rosacea sensitive skincare products.

3. Moisturize to manage Rosacea:

The first step in managing rosacea-prone skin is to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated all the time. You must drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated all the time. Moisturizing your skin from the outside is the other way to protect it from frequent flare-ups. Keep applying moisturizer quite often (better to choose the creams over lotions). Always choose fragrance-free, organic, and hypoallergenic moisturizers. A good quality moisturizer wins half of the battle.

4. Skip the facials:

People suffering from rosacea should skip the facials completely. These skin treatments or beauty bloomers just make your skin condition worse. The products used for facials damage your already suffering skin very badly. You must try the natural homemade face packs with natural ingredients that suit your skin type. Always consult your dermatologist before opting for any skincare routine.

5. Use fragrance-free makeup:

Sensitive skin type is most affected by the irritants added to beauty products. The most common of these is the fragrance added to almost every skincare product. The rosacea sufferers should go for a cosmetic product that is fragrance-free. Even the unscented makeup contains a little amount of fragrance to mask up the smell of other ingredients in it. So read properly before buying something unscented or fragrance-free.

6. Cleanse your face twice a day:

Cleansing your face regularly with mild products for rosacea sensitive skin might be helpful. These products are specially designed with ingredients that calm your flare-ups and clean your skin from external damages. Dermatologists advise cleansing your skin twice a day for better results. You must never go for scrubbing, it is totally prohibited for your skin type. Rubbing your skin will make it worse.

7. Protect skin from the sun:

People with sensitive skin should be highly precaution against sunlight. The harmful UV rays are harmful to normal skin. In the case of rosacea, it can burn your skin extremely. People suffering from this skin condition are strictly advised to wear sun-block inside and outside the house. For extra protection from sun rays, you must cover yourself with a hat, scarf, eyeshades, and if possible wear clothes that cover your skin properly.

8. Use green tea antioxidant cream:

Green tea has become a regular household item for the past few years. It holds abundant health benefits. According to researchers, the antioxidant property of green tea is helpful in the treatment of rosacea. However, it cannot get rid of this skin condition but soothes your skin from flare-ups. The inflammatory properties of green tea calm down the irritation and inflammation caused by rosacea. You can apply the green tea directly after cooling it completely or place the tea bags on the affected areas. There are various green tea-based creams available for this skin type. Always check the products for additional ingredients that may induce irritation to your skin.

9. Be gentle on your skin:

The best way to treat your rosacea-prone skin is by being as gentle as you can. Scrubbing and rubbing your skin is a big No-No!. You can’t use any kind of skin treatment that creates friction against your skin or dries it out. Facial sponges, exfoliating creams or tools, facial sponges, astringents must be avoided in the first place. Always wash your face with a mild face wash and pat dry it, never rub your towel against your face. Apply a moisturizer right after washing your face.

10. Always ask your doctor for help:

People mostly avoid consulting a doctor unless the conditions get out of hand. Especially never apply any kind of treatment creams or lotions without a complete diagnosis of your skin condition. A small sign of skin problems like acne, psoriasis or any other skin disease can turn out into a big disaster by your self-medication. Always consult your dermatologist when you see any symptom for the first time. It’s better to treat it early as there is no specific treatment to get rid of rosacea permanently.

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