Cleaning Services You Can Take Advantage Of

Keeping up with all of your home cleaning and maintenance responsibilities is no easy undertaking. After all, cleaning up after dinner each night is one thing, but when you throw in all of the other deep cleaning responsibilities you have on your plate each season, it’s no surprise that things get overlooked. Don’t worry: professional cleaning services and housekeeping in Los Angeles can assist you with these and other tasks on your to-do list. To keep your home running smoothly, you may often ask your local cleaning agency to conduct additional cleaning duties outside of their typical routine.

While not every cleaning service can handle all of these jobs, it’s worth inquiring about them to get them off your plate and into the hands of a professional.

1. Laundry

Typical price range: $5–$20 (per load)

Laundry is an unavoidable part of life that never ends. Your house cleaning service could be the miracle you’ve been waiting for if you find yourself buried under a pile of garments.

If you’ve made prior arrangements, your house cleaners will most likely fill the washer and leave it running while they clean your house. Your cleaning service can also swap out your bed linens, replace them with a fresh set, and launder the old ones for you if you leave fresh sheets out.

2. Organizing

Typical price range: $55–$100 per hour

We’ve all done it: when we don’t know what to do with something, we tuck it away in a closet, basement, or garage, where it will be forgotten. These areas are fantastic for storing things, but they’ll soon grow too congested for you to find anything when you need it.

When it comes to getting rid of clutter, a house cleaning service in San Diego could be a fantastic place to start. While basements and garages may only need to be cleaned seasonally or annually, you can hire a cleaning crew for more frequent chores such as organizing your pantry or deep cleaning your children’s playroom.

3. Interior Appliance Cleaning

Typical price range: $20–$80 (per appliance)

You are theoretically correct if you believe that hiring a house cleaning service will allow you to avoid cleaning the inside of your oven. This is a service that some house cleaning companies provide, but it’s usually an add-on or only done during deep cleaning.

So, yeah, you can save time by not cleaning your oven, but you’ll have to pay a premium. Cleaning services offer a convenient solution for tasks like tidying up kitchen cabinets and refreshing the interiors of your refrigerator and freezer. However, their professional assistance comes with a price tag.

4. Post-Construction/Remodeling Cleaning

Typical price range: $275–$696

A remodeling job is a terrific way to increase the value of your property, but cleanup is not always simple. Not only will you be dealing with a lot of dust and debris, but you may also be dealing with sticky residue and colors that you are unfamiliar with.

This may be an excellent job for professional cleaners, and fortunately for you, many cleaning firms provide post-construction cleanup as an add-on service. However, check with your remodeling contractor first; they may be able to handle much of the cleanup.

5. Commercial Cleaning Services

Keep in mind that cleaning firms frequently expand to include commercial cleaning. If your business needs office cleaning, house cleaning services are a wonderful location to start looking for a service provider. Of course, prices will vary greatly based on the size of your office and the cleaning duties involved, so getting a quote is your best bet. My maid professional cleaning services and housekeeping in Los Angeles can help you with these and other responsibilities.


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