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Mnemonics For Better Memory

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How do people, especially students, remember large quantities of information?

A good memory is an invaluable asset. The good news is that there are ways in which you can improve your memory of large chunks of information from different techniques you can learn to supplements as Prevagen that help you have a way better memory. Continue reading Mnemonics For Better Memory

Six tips for an organized and clutter-free home

Cluttered RoomHow many times have you wished your house was a much neater, more organized space? We spend a fortune on building or buying a house or an apartment, and then live in it in such a way that within one month, all its beauty and freshness is gone. Continue reading Six tips for an organized and clutter-free home

Eleven Guidelines For Cancer Prevention

Eleven Guidelines For Cancer PreventionIf there is a word that can cause the bravest of human beings to slip into at least temporary depression, it is cancer. Though the treatment and prognosis of cancer is much better in the 21st century compared to the previous ages, there seems to be no solution, no drug that can actually cure it. Continue reading Eleven Guidelines For Cancer Prevention

10 Tips For Staying Healthy After 40

Staying Healthy After 40It is often said that life begins at 40. For many people, the 40’s are a time when there is a slight lull on the fast pace of life, with almost independent children, a stable income, and more or less predictable, routine family life. For many reasons, when we hit our 40th birthday, it is a good idea to reflect upon one’s health, and chalk out a plan for the years left to live. Continue reading 10 Tips For Staying Healthy After 40