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Do you have happy chemicals?

What makes you happy? Love? Possessions? Money? Success? You might be surprised to know that happiness is basically a chemical… Read More

4 years ago

How happy are you with your life? Did you have a good life in 2016?

How happy were you in 2016? Did you have a good life in this past year? In other words, how… Read More

4 years ago

A Christmas message for children from Santa Claus

Christmas Message My dear children, The 2016 Christmas is over, and I am very pleased with you all. I hope… Read More

4 years ago

DIY Christmas Decoration Activities For Kids

Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way Oh! What fun it is ….... Yes! It is Christmas once again… Read More

4 years ago

10 qualities of parents with successful and happy kids

Parent Qualities : All parents want their children to be successful and happy. However, not all parents have children who… Read More

4 years ago

What does ‘texting’ do to our children?

They are texting. They are on Instagram. They are on Facebook. Sounds familiar? The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a… Read More

4 years ago

The ‘silent cancer’: facts, symptoms, and risk factors of pancreatic cancer

The month of November is declared pancreatic cancer awareness month, in a bid to increase public awareness of the lethal… Read More

4 years ago

Eight secrets of the happiest and long-living people on earth: You could be one of them!

What do the happiest people on earth have in common? Recently, researchers analyzed the common characteristics of the people who… Read More

4 years ago

A ten-point programme to develop the reading habit in children

Research has consistently found that reading habit is the one common characteristic among high achievers, both in school, and later… Read More

4 years ago

The bitter truth about painkillers: Paracetamol, Vicodin, Diclofenac

No one likes pain. We want to get rid of the occasional headache, the backache, and the neck pain as… Read More

4 years ago

20 awesome Halloween costume DIY ideas for kids

Time for trick-or-treating? Halloween traditionally falls on 31 October, on the eve of the All Hallow’s Day, a Western Christian… Read More

4 years ago

Make money from home: 6 legitimate work-from-home job opportunities

In today’s wired and networked society, the face of employment is fast changing. Gone are the days when the word… Read More

5 years ago