Birthday Cards: Top Latest Trends

by Dr. Shanthi Thomas

One of the few things in life that can melt the stoniest of hearts is a uniquely designed and perfectly worded birthday card with a personal touch. Sure enough, birthday cards have been around for a long time. History buffs say that the ancient Chinese and Egyptians as well as Europeans in the 15th century started the practice of exchanging cards to wish each other happiness and prosperity. From there, it was a natural progression more or less to wish someone ‘happy birthday’ on presumably one of the most joyous day of his/her life. Let us have a look at some of the latest trends in the form and content of birthday cards.

Pop-Up cards

Who doesn’t like a pleasant surprise? These birthday pop-up cards are irresistible as the popped-up goodies are endlessly varied and charming. If your friend is a plant lover, send him the plant popping birthday card. For a car lover, send the classic car popping card. What is more, they offer you free shipping on all US orders, and you can further personalize these cards with just $5 extra.

Nature-friendly birthday cards

No one wants to create more burden for mother earth on their birthday by creating more carbon footprint. Why not go for eco-friendly birthday cards? These are glitter-free cards using vegetable-based inks, and are not packaged in plastic film. Furthermore, they are fully recyclable. There are even cards that cleverly contain seeds in them so can be planted in your garden. Cards are even delivered in compostable cornstarch bags instead of plastic bags!

Photo birthday cards

Customize your birthday cards by creating them with a beautiful photo of the card recipient that will surely make them feel touched and loved. After all, you are going the extra mile by selecting the perfect photo of your loved one and adding messages and designs that particularly suit their taste. These photo birthday cards can be made in any shape you want, and can be flat or folded. In short, you can customize every detail of this birthday card!

The handmade card

In this age of technological wizardry, perhaps it is not surprising that there is a sudden high demand for things that are not made by a machine; a longing to return to the ‘roots’. No wonder then, that a handmade birthday card is considered especially valuable, because anything handmade takes time and patience, and that extra spark of creativity and meaningfulness. There are many ‘how to’ guides for making birthday cards online and you will be surprised to see that ordinary materials such as dry leaves, ice cream cones, old grocery bags and even tissue paper can be made into pretty and thoughtful cards for your loved ones.

Folds and 3D birthday cards

Who says your birthday card should be the traditional horizontal or vertical fold? You can always create more space by experimenting with Gate Folds that open out to display a hidden design or Z folds that give a 3D effect. These are not as dramatic as the pop-up cards mentioned earlier, but are nonetheless more adventurous than the classical vertical or horizontal fold.

A Foiled finish

Anyone can create a birthday card from scratch, but it is only a person knowledgeable about the art of foiling that can take the simple birthday card to the next level. Foiling adds shine and sparkle to simple birthday wishes to create the shimmery effect. It is available in many shiny shades to complement any color scheme. Foil printing is definitely a timeless go-to type of birth card design.

3D video birthday cards

Did you know that you can create 3D video birthday cards too? The advantage of a video card is that you can always add more content, which means more photos that capture beautiful memories as well as a thoughtful and festive music track. To create it is as simple as uploading your images, customizing the text, choosing the colors and the music!

Birthday e-cards

Birthday e-cards have been around for some time, but they are getting trendier and more high-tech by the minute! Did you know that it is now possible to send a personalized birthday song by a celebrity, with lyrics penned by you? Then there are the talking birthday cards that are animated e-cards that say whatever you type in the voice of your choice. There are also e-card apps that help you personalize and send e-cards of all types.


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