Best Excursions in Panama

Anytime you visit a new city or country you always want to make the most of your time there. Usually, there are far too many sights and sounds for you to take in depending on how long your stay is. The normal five to seven-day vacation can hardly fit in everything a location has to offer. That’s why it is so important to prioritize your activities and make sure you are taking in the very best and most beloved sights of every place you happen to visit. If you are planning a trip to Panama whether it is long or short, the following landmarks should not be missed.

Old Panama Ruins

When you arrive in Panama City after sailing on your Panama Canal cruise you should take the opportunity to visit the Old Panama Ruins. The ruins are just across the bay from Panama City and it will be amazing to see such old structures across from such a modern skyline. The ruins date back to the 1500’s and there is a rich history to be found when visiting the ruins. The old city was founded by Spain and was used as a stop in exporting gold from Peru. Several of the earliest buildings still survive today, including the Cathedral to Panama Viejo, La Merced church, and even some of the original walls which were built to help protect the city from pirates.

Pearl Islands

The Pearl Islands are just under 50 miles south and east of Panama City. It’s actually an archipelago of a total of 97 different islands that have a multitude of pearls, hence its name. Pearl mining became the main focus of the islands because of all the abundance of pearls there. Because of its beauty, it has been a long-time favorite destination for vacationers. There are gorgeous beaches, amazing snorkeling opportunities, and lots of wonderful hotels and guest houses you can stay comfortably in.

Soberania National Park

This national park is just north of Panama City but definitely worth the trip. It’s an amazing chance to see a stunning tropical rainforest and all the flora and fauna that thrive there. It’s especially a must-see site for bird lovers since there are about a thousand different species of birds that live there. One of the best things to do there is to take an aerial tram tour so you can really see the amazing views and get a true sense of just how incredible the tropical forest is.

The Panama Canal and the Gatun Locks

It goes without saying that a trip to see the Panama Canal can’t be avoided when taking excursions in Panama. It is a huge marvel of modern engineering and one of the most interesting things to watch is the Gatun Locks. Luckily it isn’t a super busy location to visit and there are plenty of different spots you can watch from. The Gatun Locks are what lift the ships to different elevations as they pass through the canal. Plenty of bilingual signs will be there to help you understand just how amazing the canal is and how the locks operate.

El Valle de Anton

El Valle de Anton is a small town and picturesque spot for nature lovers. It sits inside the remains of an extinct volcano and is famous for its wet mountain forest conditions. There are beautiful views to take in since you are 600 meters above sea level and stunning waterfalls to experience. There are even pools that boost healing mud treatments and toasty warm thermal springs to take in as well, all in thanks to the previous volcanic activity that used to be in the region. Abundant wildlife and botanical life are there to be witnessed as well. El Valle de Anton is simply a nature lover’s dream and should not be skipped.

Panama is a country rich in culture and natural beauty. You will be so happy that you took the time to visit this amazing place. Making sure you visit some of these sites will ensure that you have seen some of the very best things Panama has to offer.


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