Best Activities for Children on the Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day brings joy to adults and children alike. There is no activity our Jedi younglings cannot be a part of. The young Alliance fans always come up with creative ways to celebrate the day.

Apart from watching movies and playing video games, children like to do more productive tasks. The boring marathons are for adults or on normal days of the year.

On Star Wars Day give your kids a chance to explore their force calling.

What better present than making Princess Leia cupcakes, DIY character origami, and a trip to Disney? Ask the young force fans loitering in your homes. They would agree.

Make this May 4th special with the creative ideas we have mentioned below. Our Galactic kids should be allowed their Rebel moment under the Empire’s rule!

Jedi Camps

Establish a small Jedi Knight Academy in your backyards or gardens. Discuss what kind of activities the young padawans would like to play the next day. Set up your backyard with space-themed water pools, air-filled spaceships, and plastic blasters. So the kids can play safely, honoring the peace in the galaxy.

Indulge in advanced diversions like a lightsaber and combat training, giving the kids a real advisory council discipline lesson. Not only will they be enjoying it but also unknowingly learning the ways of the noble Jedi.

Costume Party

Hold a costume party at your home. Dress your little ones in cute Yoda attire. Now is the chance for our young fans to dress in authentic short Star Wars characters. They would make a screen-perfect costume character as male Zilkin, Jawas, and Even Piell!

Such a league will create fun costume havoc. Include the children in the costume selection and making process. Involve them in the button attaching, RGB DIY, and other fun processes. You can also improvise creative details into the costumes according to the kid’s choice!

Treat Time

For small fans, baking snacks in the same manner as Star Wars Kashyyyks is a great way to gather and share food.

Fans before, have put out easy recipes for Blue Milk and Yobacca chips. You can easily whip up a tasty Legends snack. If not, you do not have to follow a strict recipe to make authentic Star Wars eatables.

How about Death Star chocolate balls? Han Solo cupcakes? Luke Skywalker brownies with green and yellow cream on top? Anything Star Wars is fun as long as the young Ewoks are motivated!

Crafts and DIYs

For children who are always onto something, there are many hobbies available.

The best crafts idea discussed online by many parents is a fancy Star Wars origami competition. Nothing makes young Rebel fans happier than creating R2-D2 robots, Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker, and Obi-Wan Kenobi out of unique Star Wars art materials.

The Star Destroyer origami lessons will keep kids busy as you engage in intricate do-it-yourself contests. Some overly eager kids can join you in enthusiastic endeavors like choosing cost-effective and inventive materials for building action figures.

You can create an excellent Jengo Fett headset by customizing softer materials with laser lights!

Fake Lightsaber Duels

Kids love to fight. May 4th makes dueling legal and even encourages the parents to hand the young Jedi or Sith rubber lightsabers to fight their siblings. Under parent’s supervision of course!

Star Wars Day brings the best May 4th lightsaber sale deals for advanced and non-advanced lightsabers. So much so that kids’ lightsabers have many options. You can add and customize sound effects.

This day the rising Mace Windu at your home will surprise you with professional combat skills he has been practicing for!

Movie Marathons

Not all kids are fans of movie marathons. Some cannot sit still long enough to enjoy the political intricacies of The Clone Wars.

However, it is unheard of for a young fan to have not enjoyed Dave Filoni’s animated masterpiece, Ahsoka. Movies are an effective way of keeping children entertained as long as they have the popcorn prepared by R2-D2 or Darth Maul popcorn maker.

Hand them their Yoda blankies and turn on the smart Star Wars projectors to create an irresistible movie environment. Watch in wonder, how the kids will completely and silently absorb the space movies.


May 4th is a special day for children and parents. Families can bond over the first Star Wars release stories when the parents were young.

They can also compare the evolution the movies have made over the years. Stories behind all the first releases about the TV screens to Republic video games and space merchandise will mesmerize young minds.

Over the years, grandparents must have collected a dozen realistic and fantasy space memories that can be shared with young Jedi. May 4th can be an entertaining and a learning experience for the children!


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