Beating Perfectionism and Procrastination with Today Is The Day App

I had one mantra: “Anything worth doing is worth doing perfectly.” If it wasn’t perfect to me, then it was meant to be left alone till it was, or not meant to be, begun in the first place. I’m a professional photographer, and I started my journey in photography at an early age. I was the only boy of three children in my family, and right from when I was younger, I loved to do things perfectly and in order. At one point, my parents thought I had OCD until they researched more on the topic and realized I was a perfectionist.

In my line of work, we strive for perfection in some sense. The perfect scene, angle, and lighting all come together to form a perfect picture. I would spend lots of time prepping the studio before a client came in for a session and take several shots beyond normal if I wasn’t getting exactly what I wanted. This grew into a big problem that introduced procrastination into my life, and that was where it all went downhill till I came across Today Is The Day app.

Being a perfectionist didn’t pose to be a problem initially. I enjoyed my work and put my all into creating the best scenes and taking the best pictures that greatly pleased my clients. They loved my zeal and effort to make their special moments perfectly captured. My work drew in many clients, and the workload began piling up. I’d go days without rest from photo sessions at the studio, clients’ homes, events, and outings. I was giddy that my work was loved and appreciated, which caused me to expand. However, the stress began to take a toll on me. 

After going long periods working, moving from place to place, and spending time editing, I began to experience burnout. I felt less and less willing to accept offers to work because I didn’t have enough time to ensure everything was perfect before shots and during editing. I was torn between being happy and being worn out to do anything well. I was scared when I began to look at my work with less satisfaction because I questioned the angle, lighting, and set-up, and I didn’t see perfection in my work.

Gradually, I was turning down offers, and when I realized that my finances were suffering from it. I’d accept jobs and spend an awfully long time on one before moving to another. I had work piling up, and I was disappointing clients. However, I closed my eyes to what I was doing. I kept procrastinating and giving excuses and began to lose clients. Bad reviews started trickling in, not for bad work, but for not meeting deadlines. That was when I realized that I needed help and fast.

Discovering Today Is The Day app

My best friend watched for a long time my struggle and set out on a mission to help me. She pointed me to videos I should watch, seminars to attend, and even as much suggested therapy that I had turned down on the spot. I knew my case had gotten critical, but I didn’t think it had gotten that bad. We were together one day, and she was surfing the internet when she sat straight up with bright eyes. She had been searching for a course or something to help me when she stumbled upon an article on the Today Is The Day app. 

Whatever she had read in the article gave her hope for me, and she told me about the app. I first rolled my eyes at her and laughed it off, but she encouraged me to get it and give it a shot.

Baby Steps with Today Is The Day

The first thing I loved about the app was how personalized the lessons were. They were highly informative and helpful, and I saw procrastination in a different, informed light. I enjoyed taking the questionnaires at the end of each lesson because it gave me a chance for self-reflection and helped me identify the problem areas I needed to tackle.

I also appreciated that the app gave me access to experts who were more than willing to offer me guidance. I realized that I was going the wrong way in handling my perfectionism. Being a perfectionist wasn’t the issue; my lack of organization and management made me feel overwhelmed and unproductive. With this program, I could retrace my steps and reorganize my life to be better productive in my line of work.

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Final Thoughts

With the help of Today Is The Day app, I’ve gotten my zeal back, and I’m doing well in my career as a photographer. I’ve expanded and no longer feel overwhelmed because it  has taught me how to plan my work and life in a way that doesn’t suffocate or stress me. It helped change my mindset towards work and life in general, and though it took several weeks for the changes to reflect, it was worth every step. 

If you are struggling with procrastination, Today Is The Day app may be just what you need to get back to being productive and happy. 


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