Be Young After 40

Would you like to be as young as a 20-year-old after the age of 40? We are not talking about physical youth here, but of mental agility and sharpness. We are talking about being cognitively sound and sharp even at old age.

Learn new skills

There is solid research that has proven that learning new and demanding skills can keep an aging mind sharp. It is not necessary that these new skills need to be physically demanding, which can be off-putting for most seniors. You can learn new skills in the comfort and security of your home. For example, there are online lessons available for quilting, embroidery and sewing, for those who have always wanted to have creative fun with a needle and thread or yarn, but never got the time till now. What’s more, these courses are readily available for you at Creative Fabrica, and the enrolling process is fabulously easy. You will be part of a huge community of people with the same interests as yourself and will be mentored by other crafters with more experience in the art.  What you make by knitting, embroidering or sewing can be gifted to a loved one, which is a bonus for engaging in such activities.

Regular, enjoyable exercise routines

Well, this is a no-brainer. We always hear about the benefits of exercising, but many older adults never get around to doing it because they do not enjoy it or it is physically demanding. It is important to engage in physical exercises that are actually enjoyable and not so physically exhausting that you dread having to do it every day. Ideally, physical exercises should be done in the company of loved ones or friends who will keep tabs on each other to check whether they meet the daily target. In the absence of such company, listening to music or watching a movie while walking on treadmill etc. can be equally effective.

Healthy social interactions

Man is a social animal indeed. In particular, positive loving relationships are extremely important for older adults in order to be psychologically healthy. It is truly said that loneliness can kill. And it can kill elderly people pretty fast! However, ideally, social interaction should not stop at just family. Research shows that older adults who interacted with people other than close family were less prone to a host of diseases including depression, and were in better moods for a longer period of time. 

A purpose bigger than oneself

After 40 years old, your child-bearing age is largely over. After 50, the child-rearing age also is largely over. After 60 or 65 years, you are largely free of responsibilities. If you have been a working adult, you have retired by now. Suddenly you may find yourself with nothing to live for, with no purpose. This is when you will do well to find a purpose bigger than yourself. A lot of seniors turn to charity work, or get involved in communities such as church-based groups which gives them a purpose that is bigger than themselves. Such people are likely to be mentally agile and alert for longer time.

Healthy diet

A healthy diet for people over 40 years, should include more protein and fiber, and less of carbohydrates, to fight against muscle loss and obesity. It is also a good idea to consume foods high in omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants. If you have not cut out junk food and fizzy drink from your life so far, now is the time. Any supplements should be taken only after consulting a health professional.

Active lifestyle

Elderly people who have an active lifestyle, which means a lifestyle that makes them move a lot, look and feel younger. Someone has an active lifestyle if they walk or cycle rather than drive a car, and have gardening instead of watching TV as a hobby. The also live a largely outdoor life, getting plenty of sunlight, and meeting people. Even the act of changing into your day clothes from your night pajamas have an impact on how active you feel!

Regular health check-ups

It makes sense to check oneself for any ailments on a yearly basis, to catch diseases if any early enough to ensure that timely treatment can be sought. This is all the more important in the case of individuals who are prone to certain illnesses because of a family history of the same or because they are an occupational hazard.

An ‘acceptance’ mindset

After 40 years of age, many people realize that life is not what they expected it to be. They might find that their plans had not worked out, or that they had been treated unfairly in life. This leads to low moods, unexplained illnesses and a troubled personal and professional life. One has to come to terms with life at this point of life, and realize that accepting what life has to offer wholeheartedly can have great benefits for mental and physical health.


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