Baby Carrier vs Stroller: What Should You Pick?

Baby carriers and strollers both are made to carry babies hassle-free. Baby carriers are padded carriers to wear the baby while keeping the hands free, whereas strollers are hand-pushed vehicles, more like a convenient baby transport.

But which one is right for you?

This post is about everything you need to know about baby carriers vs strollers, including the ins and outs so that you can decide for yourself.

Differences Between Baby Carrier and Stroller

Baby carriers and strollers are two different types of gear but with the same benefit. Both are made to carry babies. Carriers are made to wear, and strollers are baby pushchairs. Which one parent should go for depends on their age, lifestyle, and, most importantly, the baby’s comfort. That’s why it’s essential to know their differences before you opt for one.  


While considering a good and comfortable sleep for babies, many parents prefer strollers. Many strollers come with reclining seats for babies to relax and rest and great for travelling with kids; some high-end strollers will make your baby feel comfortable to the next level. Some strollers are car seat compatible, which are infant-friendly and comfortable for the baby to nap.

But if your baby likes to be closer to you, then the baby carrier is the right pick. Moreover, your baby may take a quick nap while snuggling with you. On top of it, baby carriers let you be more aware of your baby’s safety while on the go.


Full-sized strollers are heavy and hard to push. That’s why parents opt for umbrella strollers. But few umbrella strollers are infant friendly. That’s when a baby carrier is recommended for infants. Baby carriers are lightweight and safer options for taking your baby hiking or trailing because you can keep them safer than in a stroller.

However, for older toddlers’ strollers are best since carrying them for a long time may strain your back. However, the best baby carriers take care of your back.  But a stroller gives the baby more freedom and offers more features for parents’ organizers, cup holders, etc.


Most strollers maneuver flawlessly with a gentle push of the hands. Even though some strollers can work with just one hand, it keeps your hands busy. While baby carrier allows hands to be completely free, which gives more freedom to do other essential tasks such as paying bills, airport gate checking, or grocery shopping. 

Capacity of Storage

While talking about storage, strollers come with a storage basket to carry babies’ clothes and essentials like snacks, toys, milk bottles, etc. Moreover, you can put daily groceries while on the go. Most baby carriers usually do not come with any mentionable storage space whatsoever. 

Capacity of Weight

Strollers win over baby carriers while talking about weight capacity. A standard baby carrier usually has a weight capacity of 45 lbs., whereas a regular single stroller has a weight capacity of 50 to 55 lbs. And there are many double strollers available in the market that can effortlessly carry both the child at a time. 


In terms of cost, baby carriers win the race between the baby carrier and stroller since they are cheaper than a stroller. A baby carrier costs between $30 to $150, whereas a standard strollers cost between $300 to $1000. A baby carrier is a budget-friendly way to carry your baby while considering the cost difference.

Portability & Compactness

A baby carrier is more comfortable when comparing portability between a baby carrier vs stroller. While traveling with a stroller on public transportation, you might face some hassles, but that’s not the case with a baby carrier. The most flexible issue of a baby carrier is that it can easily be folded down and stored even in a backpack. But the most compact umbrella stroller also needs more space than a baby carrier.


To protect your baby from the sun’s heat, most strollers come with a canopy. In a stroller, a baby can take a comfortable nap. Now, baby carriers do not have any such kind of canopy, so babies may be more prone to the harmful sun UV rays. So, while considering a long outing with your baby in the sun, opting for a stroller is highly recommended. 

Final Verdict

Finally, it’s verdict time. While comparing baby carrier vs stroller, both of them comes with their benefits and features. If you buy both stroller and a baby carrier, you earn yourself flexibility in carrying the baby. If you want to choose between them, it’s up to you, and your baby’s preference will decide which is the right pick for you. I hope, by now, you have found which one you should choose, baby carrier or stroller. For further queries, make sure to comment below in the comment section. 


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