A Few Handy Features For Streaming Platform In 2022

People watch news streaming data more than ever. When the COVID-19 plague has enforced society to adapt its way of life and stay home, a lot of people found relief in the virtual world of the streaming proposal. Keep reading The UK Time for further information. When cinemas and theatres blocked up, this world took more than the reins.

While the many people using streaming services is steadily growing—be it VOD, live streaming, or OTT. Now in Q4 2020, Netflix paid subscribers worldwide numbered 203.67 million. It’s not surprising since streaming platforms authorize users to watch what they ask for, what they want, and everywhere they would like—from the living room, while making dinner, taking a bath, or late in the evening seize in bed.

Although, if you want to be like Netflix and be a magnet for a huge number of subscribers to your streaming services, you need to make out what attracts them. There are lots to think so let’s dive in!

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What attributes Users are seeking in Streaming Platforms?

Users are tiresome when it comes to watching their favorite content. The days when the viewers would sit down in the existence of the TV at a plain time and day are long over. Now, with the fast-paced world, amended work surroundings, and mobile way of life, audiences want to have run over how they watch content.

And you can offer them full elasticity; you need to fit into their necessities. What features must your streaming platform have to catch the attention of people? Take a look at the list of must-have individuality.

1. Security and privacy

These days, access to visual and audio content is simple and unlimited. But that also advances external threats.

To make certain the safety of your users, invest in advanced security. First of all, pick the right servers, for instance, AWS—one of the most admired, safe, stable, and scalable.

Also, take care of encryption standards, records, and security protocols. It’s essential so users’ data is securely stored and not compromised.

2. Customization features

For several users, customization is a nice accumulation that lets them create an exclusive experience and gives them more organization over the platform.

Here are some examples of the trendiest options users look for:

  • Playback pace control
  • Subtitle support in special languages (particularly, if you offer services worldwide), dubbed content, closed captions
  • Universal settings for the viewer account like confidentiality, adoptions, setting a theme, design, grid and list views, etc.
  • Picture-in-picture characteristic and floating window
  • special resolution
  • Smart AI suggestion
  • Building personalized playlists

Explain users’ customization is presented, but make it manageable. Alternatively, don’t lump everyone mutually. Not all consumers will choose customization. Several people will want to keep things easy to keep in mind when structuring your platform.

3. Video content management

A content management system (CMS)is a must-have for each streaming platform. Not only does it assist to categorize all content and make an organized environment for the entire movies you offer, but also makes it simple for viewers to take the helm within the system.

Some of the most frequent functionalities of CMS you can discover among contestants include categories, tags, speedy search, user-friendly and instinctive navigation, ratings and interpretation, voice search, and many more.

4. User-friendly interface

Figures show that70% of clients abandon purchases because of bad client experiences. The community doesn’t have time to make out compound interfaces and instead of learning how things effort, they’ll choose the rivalry that offers an easier solution.

Users want to have simple access to their content. They don’t wish to wander in a puzzling maze of buttons, tabs, and folders. That’s why 91% of them presently leave and 13% tell 15 more people about their bad experiences.

A user-friendly interface is supposed to be the crucial characteristic of every streaming platform. It’s worth charming UX and UI authority that will handle the entire visual feature and run tests to make sure your plan is as user-friendly as possible.

To stay away from problems and save money, hire a certified company that builds multiscreen TV applications, and web and backend answer for broadcasters, content owners, and media companies.


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