9 Qualities That Make a Great Parent

Raising children is no mean feat. Since the stakes are extremely high, therefore, even a little mistake can have grave implications for not just your relationship with your child, but their outlook and wellbeing as well.

Hence, it is important that parents invest in themselves, and inculcate in themselves qualities that are characteristic of a great parent. Of course, it means that you will make mistakes along the way, but at least these will not be made from complacency!

1. A great parent has a good partnership

Children need good support, and that can only come when parents have a great relationship with each other. Children do notice when there is conflict between their parents, which can have implications for their wellbeing.

So, work on your partnership, and if you are undergoing a rough patch, you should get couple counselling in Dubai, your children will take in the negative impact of the conflict between you and your partner, which might even scar them for life.

2. A great parent respects their child

A great parent respects their child and treats them with kindness. They do not belittle or insult their children. Even though they know children do not have authority per se, but they still ask for and respect their children’s opinion, which helps in confidence building in their children. Moreover, it is an excellent training for adulthood as well.

3. A great parent keeps learning new things

The knowledge pertaining to parenting is also evolving all the time. A great parent is cognizant of the dynamic nature of the art of parenting, and they continue learning new skills and things in order to raise better children.

It means letting go of their beliefs, and replacing with better principles, continuously seeking new knowledge about parenting, conferring with experts over the best parenting practices, consulting the latest pedagogical practices to impart the best knowledge to their children, etc.

4. A great parent knows they are not to control their child

Being a parent does not mean that you live vicariously through your child. You must guide your child but letting them make their own choices and hence mistakes is also part of the process.

A great parent will equip their child with sufficient skills to live a good life but will not micro-manage their child’s life. They will let their child have their own set of mistakes, wins, failures, and falls. They know that they have to make their child into a capable person.

5. A great parent also knows how to discipline their child

Love your child, but that does not mean that you forget to discipline them. Hence, a great parent knows that they must impart the important skill of discipline to their child.

6. A great parent makes life fun

A great parent makes life fun for their child. They let their child enjoy life, but not without any consequences. For example, they will play with their child, which is fun, but children will also then be involved in the clean-up time. A great parent brings the feeling of fun and love to their child, instead of fear.

7. A great parent leads by example

It is easier to say things, but it is leading by example that is more difficult, yet more effective. It may pertain to the small matters like eating more vegetables or more important lessons like being more kind, a great parent teaches their children by example.

Therefore, you must always be mindful of your conduct in front of your child. Children are like sponges; they are constantly soaking in the information around them. Hence, great parents are always on their best behavior.

8. A great parent does not put limits to their love

If you put conditional statements to your love, you are not giving safety to your child. It gives them the message that they must earn your love, and without performing certain behaviors, they are not worthy of love.

Not only does that affect the child’s self-perception in the moment, but unless remedied, it may also set them up for neglect and abuse during their adulthood.

Therefore, you must not put limits on your love. It does not mean that you compromise on your principles, however, it means that your child knows that their parents love them, no matter what.

9. A great parent invests in their child’s mental health

A great parent is vested in their child’s good physical and mental health. It is important that parents not be dismissive of their child’s feelings when they come to the parents with stress or anxiety.

Instead, parents should consider getting their child professional help via Fitcy Health when facing mental health challenges. Of course, nurturing them is important, but a parent cannot be a substitute for an expert.


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