7 Great Ways To Encourage Kids’ Writing

Students who want to become better writers in English should be given plenty of opportunities to practice and should also be taught how to type so they can compose fast on a computer and be exposed to techniques that will aid in their growth as writers.

Following are 7 great ways in which we can encourage kids’ writing:

1. Encourage reading

There’s a reason why most successful authors are also voracious readers. A child’s vocabulary will expand in proportion to the amount of time they spend reading since they will be exposed to new terms in context. Parents and educators who encourage students to “stretch their vocabulary muscles” in writing will be pleased to know that once a student has acquired a term in receptive vocabulary, it is much more likely to be used in productive contexts. The more a child reads, the more vocabulary and sentence patterns they will pick up on and be able to utilize in their writing.

2. Assist them in getting going

Even for a skilled writer, the prospect of a blank page can be daunting. Getting started can be difficult for kids, but they’re usually good to go once they do. Pose a question to get them thinking, develop a list or mind map of ideas related to the issue, or help them structure an outline from which they can create a draft. Eliminating pressure to produce flawless prose is also crucial. They can continually reshape and edit the text once they have something to work with. The key is to promote free writing from the outset so that everything that comes to mind can be captured. It’s okay if they worry about making changes later.

3. Teach working in drafts

There are many stages to the writing process, including brainstorming, outlining, drafting, proofreading, and submitting. Kids need to know that a polished piece of writing doesn’t spring fully formed from the mind of its author but instead evolves through a cycle of drafting, redrafting, and editing. One of the benefits of using a computer for writing is that it encourages children to practice writing. In addition, it prevents the need for erasing and gives kids the freedom to try out various wordings for their writing until they find one they like. Rearranging larger pieces of writing to improve their flow is another time-saving benefit of writing on a computer.

4. Obtain parental involvement in extracurricular activities

Writing skills are modelled for children. It’s helpful to have someone else review your work after you’ve completed the first draft on your own. It is especially true if the assignment asks you to disclose sensitive information about yourself. A parent’s willingness to read rough drafts can significantly impact their child’s writing development. Use the kid’s language to offer up some suggested improved wording and to guide the dialogue towards the intended meaning. In this way, jotting down thoughts is simplified. But ensure that you are not focusing on writing throughout; let the kids explore other activities on the side that improve their attention, gardening could be a great activity.

5. Allow the use of spell and grammar checks

It’s tempting to think of kids who use technology as lazy, but tools like spelling and grammar checkers can be invaluable to their development as writers. Because it may recommend more than a repair, a youngster is more likely to not only become aware of the awkward phrasing or misspelled word but also to exert some extra mental effort considering how to adjust. In addition, using a computer allows for correcting mistakes without the embarrassment or stigma of multiple erasure marks on a handwritten copy.

6. Encourage children to write for enjoyment at home and in school

Children who develop their writing skills do much more than improve their academic performance. Children develop a more favourable impression of writing as a tool for expression when they are given opportunities to exercise their imaginations, rather than just a means of recording what they have read or heard in class. Writing is an excellent idea regardless of audience size or topic. One strategy that parents might employ is to advise that their children keep diaries, with the promise that if they write in them every day, they will receive a reward at the end of the week. Teachers should take advantage of every opportunity to get students writing, as increased practice leads to greater proficiency.

7. Make some suggestions for things they can copy

Children can improve their attention to form, use, and meaning and their ability to adapt new structures to productive use by copying or memorizing favourite poems, phrases, or other written language. While no educator or parent would condone stealing another person’s work, it is common practice for students to adapt the language of others to express their views. You may encourage the process by giving them targeted reading and writing assignments.


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