7 Best Places to Buy Organic Clothing in Australia

Choosing organic clothing has many benefits. Cotton uses more chemicals than any other crop on the planet. These dangerous chemicals can hurt the environment, manufacturers who produce the clothing.

Sustainability is becoming essential, and more people are attempting to lessen their environmental impact. As a result, an increasing number of organic and sustainable fashion brands are emerging to suit demand while also helping to improve the fashion industry.

But what distinguishes an organic brand from others?

Well, an organic brand leverages sustainable practices and uses organically grown raw materials to produce clothing items. Such brands ensure a positive influence on people, the environment, and animals.

An organic brand is also concerned about conserving resources and energy, lowering carbon emissions, and minimising the impact on our waterways.

Top 7 organic clothing brands in Australia

If you stay in Australia, you may be curious about which clothing brands are organic and sustainable.

Let’s see the seven best organic clothing brands from Australia.

1. Vege Threads

You can’t get more sustainable than Vege Threads for a collection of earthy-hued organic basics, swimwear, and yoga wear. Their collections are created using natural and eco-friendly materials and dyes in limited quantities.

Vege Threads makes clothing that can be worn daily. They make an effort to tread gently, keeping things basic and genuinely local.

They strive to supply their customers with long-lasting, functional, and stylish clothing.

The clothes from this small Melbourne label are created exclusively in Australia, with organic and eco-friendly materials and colors. Its main store is located at 246 High Street in Northcote, Melbourne.

2. Aster & Oak

More and more parents are choosing chemical-free, organic clothing for their children. This is especially crucial for children with allergies or skin problems.

Aster & Oak is an incredible brand offering safe, natural, and non-toxic boys’ and girls’ clothing in Australia. It offers a gorgeous collection of easy-to-wear everyday basics that are not just comfortable but also super stylish. Exclusively available in Australia, these stunning designs and nature-inspired patterns are hand-drawn and designed by Australian designers.

3. Elk

Marnie Goding and Adam Koniaras, the founders of Elk, opened the first store in 2004 to create fashion accessories that could work year-round. Elk’s customers can wear the timeless designs for years, ending the unsustainable cycle of buying and discarding fast-fashion items.

Since then, their business has expanded to four locations, with an international following, necessitating greater transparency in all aspects of their supply chain. They achieve this through their website and educating store employees on the brand’s ongoing efforts to reduce its environmental impact.

The brand uses green renewable energy to power the industrial facilities that create our clothing. At least 80% of its items are created from eco-friendly materials. Also, it gets at least 20% of the fibers and fabrics from recycled sources.

4. Little Emperor

Little Emperor designs clothing for children that is unique, functional, and long-lasting. Every item is created in Sydney, Australia, and manufactured in a Sedex-approved facility, providing fair pay and worker protection.

Little Emperor is committed to sustainable practices throughout the brand, from materials and packaging to energy suppliers.

5. Kitx

Are you looking for organic apparel that goes beyond the basics? Kitx will take care of you. The eco-friendly, ethical Australian business, sponsored by legendary Australian fashion designer Kit Willow, employs certified organic material for its cotton pieces.

Their collection includes contemporary details with trademark asymmetric cuts and tiers. The other items feature renewable natural and recycled ‘man made’ fibers sourced from fair trade vendors.

6. Bon

Bon is an Australian brand that specializes in organic, sustainable, and luxurious women’s needs. The label is known for producing designed and made pieces to provide the most variety and style. On the other hand, Bon has a line of ultra-chic sweaters, skirts, and dresses created from organically certified materials.

They also use many excellent eco-friendly measures to lessen their environmental impact, such as repurposing fabric off-cuts for business cards. Their certified organic items are made up of at least 95% organic fibers. The colors are devoid of harsh chemicals, bleaches, and other irritating and polluting elements.

7. Torju

Torju is an ethically conscious Australian label that checks all the boxes. Its collection is organically certified, eco-friendly, fair trade, and, most importantly, elegantly stylish. Their latest collection has soft, breathable alternatives for work and weekend wear and traditional favorites with simple designs.


Brands that wish to be displayed in the store or included in the brand directory must meet many strict requirements, including being ethically created, built to last, and eco-friendly. Moreover, each product is trailed and checked for color durability, wash quality, stitch strength, and overall garment quality, ensuring that you receive a premium product.

The good news is that these online shops are making it simple for you to purchase eco-friendly items from the comfort of your own home! It is entirely workable to go directly to the brands you are familiar with.


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