7 Best Climbing Peaks in Nepal That You Can Conquer Easily

Traveling is a much-needed refuge from your mundane routine and hectic schedule day in and out. If you’re ready to keep your busy life on hold and rejuvenate for a while, then exploring the mountains can be a good idea. All you need to do is plan your days and opt for a climbing peak at the preferred destinations. Nepal offers stunning landscapes and snow-capped peaks while climbing for all the mountain lovers out there. Along with this, you can choose from amongst the diverse mountain tops that enthrall your mind and leave you craving more adventure.

Here are the top climbing peaks in Nepal that are a must-try on your next mountain excursion.

Mera Peak

Are you about to start your mountain climbing journey and unable to find a suitable peak to climb on? If yes, you must try the rejuvenating vibe and moderately rough terrains of the Mera Peak in Nepal. While the peak resides at an elevation of 6476 meters, the landscapes and bewildering views are a must-experience scenario. It reflects deeper into the mountain flora and is quite suitable for beginners with good fitness. Along with this, you can explore the magnificent fauna of the Solu Khumbu region on your way. You get to cover the three highest peaks like Cho Oyu, Lhotse, and Everest. Try to head out on the climbing excursion around September to experience the perfect blend of calm weather and enchanting sceneries.

Among all the top mountains to climb in Nepal, the Mera peak trek is both smooth and satisfying for the trekkers.

Lobuche East Peak

The Lobuche East Peak is another top mountain climb that you can opt for in the Solu Khumbu Region. On this peak, you can make the most of the scenic views of adjoining peaks like Lhotse, Nuptse, and Ama Dablam. The peak offers an easy climb and may allow you to catch a glimpse of the Kala Patthar terrains as well. With an altitude of 6000 meters, you can experience an adventurous climb amidst the serenity of nature.


Are you in search of a short yet exciting mountain peak that allows you to recharge and unwind right away? If yes, you can trek through the lush green antiquities of Pokalde peak in Nepal. While the peak lies a short distance, it can satiate the adventurer within you in no time. Also, you get to stand at the summit and gaze at the wonderous sceneries of the surrounding valleys. The elevation lies around 5500 meters and might call for some ropes or sticks to cross the steep terrains. However, you are likely to rejuvenate your mind and get the stress off your chest while climbing this South West Mountain peak.

Island Peak

Trekking is a wholesome activity that offers top-notch landscapes and rough terrains for the much-needed adrenaline rush. Island peak is the perfect trek to explore for all the trekkers out there. You get to catch a glimpse of one of the highest mountain peaks in the world, i.e., Lhotse peaks. Along with this, you get to acclimatize and gaze upon the beautiful stretches of Everest and Nuptse on your way.

Kala Patthar

Another enthralling peak that you must try towards the Himalayas is Kala Patthar peak. While the peak is at a significant elevation, it offers stunning views of other ranges like Mount Everest, Nuptse, and Changse. With an elevation of around 5600 meters, the peak is quite easy and picturesque for trekkers. In case you’re a professional trekker, you can always plan to climb up the Gorak Shep as well. Witness the snow-capped peaks and alpine wildlife on your trek to the Nepalese terrains.

Yala Peak

If you wish to enjoy the aesthetic peaks of the highest mountain range in Tibet, then Yala Peak is the ideal trek. You get to glance at the beautiful peaks and alpine flora of the Shishapangma peaks on your way. Also, Yala Peak lies near valleys like Langtang Lirung and Langsisha Ri. If you like the Himalayan vibes and Tibetan culture, then the peak may enthrall the adventurer within. Try to embark upon the climbing spree in the summer months for a smooth and enjoyable trekking experience of the Himalayas.

Chulu West Peak

Another exciting terrain that rests in the heart of the Annapurna region is Chulu West peak in Nepal. The peak offers a chance to gaze at the mesmerizing views of Dhaulagiri coupled up with the serene vibes of Annapurna I. However, you might require ice axes and crampons to complete your 6400 meters high trek. For a higher dose of adventure, you can climb up to the Annapurna Circuit trek as well. Try to go for the climbing spree around November to enjoy the best weather.

Final Verdict

Trekkers like to enjoy a great time around mountains and alpine meadows every once in a while. If you’re tired of the mundane routine and hectic lifestyle, try to recharge amidst the heart of the Himalayas. You can head on a climbing spree towards the highest peaks of Nepal that are both enjoyable as well as adventurous. For this purpose, you may try Yala, Chulu, and Mera peaks. Suppose you’re a professional trekker, head for the Annapurna circuit trek Or island trek to satiate the traveler within. Do your research before embarking upon the journey towards top-notch terrains and snow-capped landscapes.


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