6 Ways to Help your Kids Speak Better English

English language is the language of the world. If you must travel the world, become a successful entrepreneur, writer, scientist or explore other self-employed business opportunities, you will require some knowledge of the English language at some point. English is simply the language of global communication. It is the official language of about 53 countries and a second language to many countries as well. Imparting the knowledge of English language on children early on in life is one way of equipping them with the capacity to truly become a global citizen. Teaching children the rudiments of English language can be a little tasking and strenuous but there are tips you can use to transform the stress to fun.

1. Never Discourage Your Kid while they are Trying to Speak English

Growth is a normal process of life. We all start small and then we begin to grow. This is also the scenario with learning English. You will start little and by consistent practice you begin to grow and improve until you are better in your knowledge and understanding of the language. Without a doubt, your child will make mistakes as they attempt to speak it. When they make the mistakes, please do not discourage them so that they do not lose confidence to speak the language in their own capacity and do not give up completely about learning it.

2. Don’t Interrupt While They Try Hard to Speak New Words

English is a very diverse language with several words, some of which are easy to pronounce and some are a bit difficult to pronounce even for an adult. In the course of learning the English Language, you will come across easy words with simple pronunciations and you will also come across complex words with difficult pronunciations. Give your kids the liberty to learn the difficult words at their own pace. When they struggle hard with speaking the words, do not always interrupt or they may lose interest altogether. Let them make the mistakes, with time they will get to improve. Everyone that is great at anything has also made several mistakes; you must not deny your kids this privilege.

3. Make Learning Fun With Online English Tools

If you want to teach kids anything, then you must ensure that you incorporate some methods that will make the learning fun and entertaining. Children are different from adults as they are not yet old enough to process the importance of engaging in an activity, hence when they encounter some difficulty they may lose interest in that activity. It is a difficult task gaining the attention of kids without introducing fun and play into the equation. Introduce online English tools such as spelling and pronunciation tools online for your kids. We are in the information and technology age and there are so many useful tools that could help your children learn and understand English language faster. For instance there are a host of videos of cartoon characters spelling and pronouncing English words in ways that would encourage and promote easier assimilation by children. To go through these tools with them, you may also want to engage a private English tutor, such as the SmileTutor.

4. Provide Stories With Context for Speaking English

Storytelling is one of the greatest aids to learning for little children. It is a parent or teacher’s greatest. Among other advantages of storytelling to little children, it helps improve their listening skills and boosts their verbal proficiency. All of these, therefore support the premise that storytelling helps children learn English language faster, and for more assistance you can engage a professional tutor from Tutor City tuition agency. Children typically have a shorter attention span than adults, hence the more creative and fun you are with children the more attentive they are likely to be. Catch their attention by telling fairy tales which would include the use of some of the English words you want them to learn. Ensure to insert these words at an important part of the story and explain the meaning to them as you do so. Doing this will remarkably increase their understanding of the word.

5. Relate English Speaking Skills to the Child’s Real World

As the kids gradually begin to understand the language, they begin to relate the words to the real world. New words must be spoken regularly. Any knowledge learnt without an opportunity for practical application stands a chance of being forgotten. Use the new words that they have learnt and the ones they are still learning in describing people, events and places in the real world to them. Doing this will help them further assimilate the words and increase the frequency of their use of those words in their communication with others around them on a daily basis.

6. Use Fun Ways to Teach New English Words to Children

Be creative around children. Always find new methods to excite them and teach them new things at the same time. You must always strike a connection between fun and learning when relating with children. You must always be on the lookout to expand their knowledge base of the language and you do this by combining their love for fun and play with learning new things. For instance, children love drawings and paintings. You may draw an object and write the name of the object underneath the drawing. By describing the object and the name, the children will be able to lean new words with ease. You may also allow children to act out the meaning of new words in order to master the words. You may do this by using materials and symbols synonymous with that word in describing it to the children. For example, you may use a football to describe a footballer. You may buy different costumes to describe new words of what the costume refers to in real life settings.

As long as we live, we have to continue to learn. We are always on the lookout for effective and efficient ways of learning new things. Hope you have enjoyed the article!


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