5 Ways to Make Your Writing More Significantly Better

Every writer is unique in their writing style. Whether you are a student or a webmaster, you must have learned the fundamental rules of good writing like short sentences, updated vocabulary, and proofreading. But, it is vital to keep improving your writing to dig out your hidden capabilities. So, below are the ways to polish your authorial tone:

Be Direct in Your Writing

At first, it is crucial to convey your message most directly by avoiding unnecessary fillers. If you read pre-written essays from an experienced writing company, you will learn the straightforwardness in their writing style. It means that you cannot come up as a professional writer unless you adopt directness in your writing style. Below are given a few ways to make your draft more direct and impressive:

  • Organize your thought in your brain at first;
  • Erase unnecessary filler words like just, really, needless to say, etc.;
  • Create variety in your sentences. For example, if three consequent sentences begin with the same words, change at least one of them;
  • Use signposts, headings, subheadings, pictures, and bullet points. But, if you are writing an academic paper, follow the instructions given by your professor;
  • Use plain language to communicate ideas clearly and concisely;
  • Cut well-worn phrases to shorten your sentences;
  • Read the draft aloud to comprehend how it sounds.

Use a professional quality checker to edit the draft. It will suggest how to remove unnecessary adverbs and phrases to improve readability. Besides, it enables you to remove all grammatical and clarity issues to boost directness in your paper.

Self-Edit Your Piece

Editing your draft is a very crucial step to improve your writing. You can do it both manually or using online editing tools for writers. Working on Microsoft Office, you will see an option of spelling and grammar checker in the left corner on tapping ‘REVIEW.’ You can self-edit the document to improve its spelling and grammar using this option.

Editing your written paper becomes difficult when you are a beginner. Although it is suggested to self-edit, you can ask for help from others. For example, if your elder brother or sister can assist you, ask for help. Ask them to advise you where you need to improve. It will set your mistakes and guide you to avoid them in the future.

You can also download and use a free or premium grammar checker for proofreading. When you run your document through it, it will highlight all writing issues like;

  • Spelling mistakes;
  • Grammatical issues;
  • Readability problems;
  • Clarity issues;
  • Sentence fragments;
  • Unknown words to the dictionary;
  • Popular styles of punctuations;
  • Preposition errors;
  • Unnecessary adjectives and adverbs;
  • And what sounds best instead of what you have written.

So, if you are looking for the best ways on how to improve your writing, an online quality checker for writers is essential for you.

Anticipate Your Readers’ Questions

A good writer can peer into the readers’ minds. Whether you follow your instructor’s commands or attempt to gain more traffic to your site, it is compulsory to travel through your reader’s thoughts. You must focus on what questions would arise in the readers’ minds after beginning your piece. Also, you have to conclude the work after satisfying all their curiosity.

If you don’t look at writing from your reader’s perspective, they may lose interest. Consequently, you will become a loser, failing to attain their interest to read the entire paper or article. If you are a student, the situation may also worsen, such as low grades and a bad reputation in the college.

Shortly, it is inevitable to respond to every question arising in your reader’s mind while reading your work. For example, if you write for a beauty blog and suggest a recipe for removing dead skin cells, you will begin with a short introduction. After that, your reader will be curious to know the ingredients. So, your next step is to mention things they need to prepare the recipe. After reading the elements, the reader may think, “where to buy these items from?” At this point, you should not jump into the recipe’s preparation. Instead, tell them the source to get the ingredients. For example, if you mention Vitamin E as the main ingredient, gain the reader’s interest by telling them that they can purchase it online. Similarly, comprehend everything from your reader’s perspective and keep answering to improve writing.

Stick With Simple Words

Increasing your vocabulary is a good practice. It helps you write fluently and impressively. Also, you do not struggle to convey your thoughts to the reader when you have appropriate words for everything in your mind. But, it does not mean you have to learn complicated words, phrases, and idioms. From universities to search engines, everybody appreciates simplicity. So, whether you are writing an assignment for college or an article for search engine optimization, simple words are the most required ways to improve writing skills. Below are a few tips to keep your writing articulated, coherent, and straightforward:

  • Select the words most carefully;
  • Avoid complex phrases;
  • In software-assisted proofreading, remove the words and phrases suggested as unknown to the dictionary;
  • Keep your sentences short;
  • Avoid passive voice;
  • Keep in mind your intended audience;
  • Get ideas from copywriting;
  • Recheck your draft for simplicity.

Read Famous Authors

Reading is the key to success in a writing career. Whether you are a beginner or a professional author, reading grants you a lot of help with writing. As it is a digital era and everything is available online, there is a great variety to choose from. For example, if you are interested in poetry, you can read Shakespeare, American poetry, John Donne, and their biographies and careers. If you love dramas, you can search for plays written by your famous playwrights. Also, you can find a massive array of articles on your favorite topic. For example, search engines will supply you with countless articles about gardening tips, ideas, and facts if you love to read about gardening. Similarly, if you are interested in current affairs, there are many online newspapers to satisfy your quest.

Reading your favorite things will improve your vocabulary, sentence structure, readability, clarity, and writing strength. You will enjoy what you are reading, and your skill will automatically be polished. So, if you are looking for top tricks to improve writing, be a top reader.

Writing is challenging whether you are new or experienced. The tricks given above can improve your skill a lot. Also, you need to keep calm. So, drink plenty of water and stay away from obsessions to support you emotionally and let you perform best.


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