5 Ways to Improve Child Development Using Sensory Playground Equipment

Today, children are mostly surrounded by screens and technology. Being hooked on phones and televisions can hinder a child’s development. But if you involve them more in physical activities or build them a space with sensory playground equipment, you can fasten their sensory development.

Ten years down the lane, children would spend most of their time outdoors. They would play more games and engage with other kids. So, they had better cognitive, physical, and emotional growth.

But today, the times have changed and there is a need to keep an eye on the sensory development of your child. Sensory playground equipment is the best thing for the job.

Let’s explore more about a sensory playground.

A] What Is A Sensory Playground?

A sensory playground is a great tool for helping your child develop sensory intellect. Sensory development means that your child builds cognitive, motor, and emotional skills. It involves the use of all five senses – touch, taste, sound, sight, and smell.

A sensory playground helps stimulate the senses of a child.

  • It helps in building the problem-solving and decision-making skills of a child.
  • A sensory playground allows a child to indulge in several physical activities like jumping, climbing, etc. So, a child builds great motor skills and also maintains his physical health.
  • A child can have different companions in a sensory playground. When he plays with other children, he learns to share, communicate, and cooperate with them. Thus, such a playground is helpful in developing his social skills.
  • Finally, sensory equipment in the playground often helps a child to deal with stress or lower anxiety. Children who use sensory play products are more emotionally stable.

B] Sensory Playground Equipment

The best way to develop a child’s sensory skills is to open up a wide range of sensory experiences for them.

Here are some sensory playground equipment that you’ll commonly find in the market.

1. Music Play Panels

Music play panels are a common type of sensory playground equipment. You can place these panels in the children’s playground. This equipment helps stimulate their sense of sound and also boosts their creativity.

Children can use these music panels to create sounds of their own in a sensory playground. These panels are a great way to develop their auditory senses.

2. Tactile Stations

Tactile stations include different textures, materials, and surfaces. These stations allow a child to engage his sense of touch.

This sensory playground equipment is great for encouraging children to explore different kinds of touch. These tactile stations come in different textures, materials, and surfaces so that children can play in a controlled and playful manner.

3. Role Play Equipment

If you want to encourage imaginative play in a child, you can use role-play equipment. For example, there are many miniature houses, play kitchens, shops, etc., that allow children to run their creativity.

Children who enjoy role-play activities with other children tend to develop better social skills. They try to engage themselves in real-world situations.

Such sensory equipment is helpful in helping your child cooperate, negotiate, and express themselves. They also learn good language skills as they try to speak more.

4. Sensory Furniture

Textured seating, bubble walls, and light-up sensory tables allow a child to explore different textures. Sensory furniture is great for children with sensory processing disorders. This furniture helps a child calm down and focus his attention.

5. Physical Development Equipment

There are several sensory equipment that are perfect for the physical development of a person. You can install climbing structures, jump pads, crawl panels, etc. in a sensory playground.

This equipment helps in developing their motor skills. A child learns how to crawl, jump, balance, and climb with the help of such equipment. Indulging in such activities improves their balance and coordination.

Children also learn about spatial awareness and develop upper body strength.

C] Creating A Sensory Playground

Let us now take a look at how to create a sensory playground.

  • First, you must carefully plan and design the sensory playground. Consider the age of the children for whom you’re building the playground. You should also keep in mind the sensory needs of the child.
  • Next, keep the playground safe. Safety for children should be your foremost concern. Make sure you get only the age-appropriate equipment and maintain them well.
  • Build a multisensory zone in the playground. Install equipment that stimulates all five senses of the child.


Building a sensory playground helps you improve the process of sensory development of a child. Sensory equipment helps in building a lot of cognitive skills in a kid. They help a child stimulate all five senses so that they become more alert and physically and mentally active.

You can build a sensory playground for children of all ages. But while doing so, you must ensure that you prioritize the safety of a child.

There are many types of equipment that you can use to build physical, motor, social, and language skills in a child. You only need to encourage children to go out and play on the sensory playground.


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