5 Ways Rear-End Car Crash Lawyers Help Win Your Case

Car wrecks remain a reality all over the world. In America, you can hit another vehicle at any time, or another driver can strike you instead. If that happens, you might experience a rear-end crash.

Rear-end crashes account for about one-third of wrecks, so they’re relatively common. You might also experience a T-bone collision, a head-to-hear accident, or some other variety. 

In this article, we’ll discuss rear-end car wrecks in particular. We’ll talk about how finding and hiring the right attorney can help win your case in several ways. 

They Can Have Their Investigators Find Meaningful Evidence

For one thing, when you hire an experienced car wreck attorney, you’ll also get their investigative team on your side. You must pay your car wreck lawyer a significant amount of your winnings if they win your case for you, but when you see what their investigative team can do, that might convince you that you made the right decision.

These investigators often have experience working for the police or insurance companies. They know where they can find a police report that can help prove the rear-end crash happened the way you said. They can find eyewitnesses if any exist. They might also come up with video evidence from traffic lights, nearby security cameras, or even someone’s social media account if a person with a phone caught some or all of the action. 

They Can Convince You That You Can Win

You might feel discouraged when pursuing legal action against another driver. Even if you feel sure that someone else caused the rear-end crash that hurt you or damaged your car, that does not necessarily mean that you can easily prove it. At times, you might feel that you should accept a lesser settlement offer or abandon the lawsuit entirely if the situation seems hard or impossible.

If you hired the right lawyer, though, they can stick by you when you feel low. They might tell you that you can win your case, and you needn’t settle if you’re patient and trust them. You want a rear-end car wreck attorney with gumption and one who never gives up. They can often propel you over the finish line when your case seems too daunting.  

They Can Discredit the Other Driver on Cross Examination

You might also get into a situation where you know the other driver caused the accident, but you can’t prove it very easily because there’s very little physical evidence. Maybe no one saw what happened but you and the other driver. If some witnesses do come forward, perhaps they’re not sure about the sequence of events, or they muddy the waters with contradictory testimony.

If so, your lawyer can often help with that. If the other driver takes the stand, maybe they’ll lie, even under oath. They may also make statements that contain a grain of truth, but they’re somewhat embellished as well. 

Often, your lawyer can catch the other driver in a lie if they trip them up or force them into making a statement that contradicts something they said earlier. Remember, a legal action you bring against another driver isn’t criminal. Instead, it’s civil.

That means convincing a jury doesn’t take as much. If your lawyer can make it seem like the jurors shouldn’t trust the other driver, that might help your cause a great deal. Perhaps the jurors can see that the other driver doesn’t stick to the same story or that they don’t appear like the most credible witness for some other reason. 

They Can Draw on Their Many Years of Experience

Your lawyer will also probably have a lot of former experience on which they can draw. That is why you should probably avoid getting yourself a neophyte lawyer. They may not have the skill set and courtroom savvy that it takes to get the result you want. 

An experienced lawyer can project confidence. They can show a juror with their every move and statement that they’re representing the party that didn’t cause the accident.

Convincing a jury to award a judgment in your favor doesn’t just mean showing them the proper evidence. That matters a lot, but if your attorney can also show through their unflappable confidence that they know your winning remains inevitable, that might just prove to be the difference when the jury deliberates. 

They Can Pressure the Other Driver’s Legal Team

There’s one more thing that the right attorney can do for you if the trial drags out over days or weeks. They can pressure the other driver and their legal team in subtle but meaningful ways. 

For instance, maybe the trial doesn’t start without the other driver’s legal team making a lowball offer. You can always take it, but your lawyer might tell you it’s far too low and that they’re confident they can get more for you. If you trust them, then you can proceed with the trial. 

Once things start moving through the laborious legal process, the other driver or their attorney might get nervous. They may feel they’re facing a massive judgment against them if they see the trial going poorly for them with each passing day. Again, they might extend a settlement offer. You can take it, or your attorney might say again that you should hold out and remain patient.

In time, the pressure your lawyer puts on the other driver and their legal team could mean you get the largest settlement offer possible. If that doesn’t happen, and the trial concludes with a jury’s decision, that’s rare, but the work your lawyer did could pay off. You might walk away with more money than you anticipated, especially if you have some non-economic losses as well as economic ones.

These reasons make it obvious why you need the best possible rear-end car wreck lawyer. You should hunt for the best one in your area by scrutinizing their website and reading all the reviews you can find. 

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