Try These 5 Tricks To Improve a Child’s Essay Writing Skills

Writing is not only a form of communication. It is also a crucial part of the education system. Unfortunately, even in today’s technology-driven society, most students struggle to write a perfect piece due to a lack of opportunities. They find it hard to improve their penmanship. The five tricks mentioned below are sure to help your child improve their writing skills.

Encourage Your Child

You must realize the value of appreciation as a primary caregiver or guardian. It has to be so positively charged that it makes the student or child feel like solid support at the back. Keep encouraging your efforts and work. Make him learn through encouragement rather than criticism. Gifting them reading materials and writing utensils that interest them is also a great idea. Remember, the habit of reading and writing enables the student to improve writing skills.Going through various reading materials helps them in keeping an up-to-date vocabulary bank. It shows a child to use different words in different situations. A child becomes familiar with phrases, vocabulary, and new words. Also, it improves essay crafting skills and develops a reading habit. The more reading time, the better the pen-craft. It is surely a rule of thumb to improve writing skills.

Often technological distractions in today’s world make students lose scores at college, and we all know grades are important to succeed. Therefore, several students search online “who can write my essay?” Top-quality essays on different subjects easily available online are helping millions of students daily. Besides, there are several tutors for creative writing available online. These tutors help students improve their penmanship in a short period.

Teach Your Child About the Available Writing Methods

Make teaching fun and exciting for your kid. A variety of reading material will help the child learn different writing styles. Now comes the writing segment. Some kids have command of handwriting; a few feel comfortable with the typing option. At the same time, many students have thoughts to speak rather than to write down. Speech-to-text programs are also available easily for such students. Keep your child’s writing skillsas one of your preferred learning methods for writing, and it should be made part of their lives if the school allows. Make the child write letters, applications, persuasive essays, etc. A child loves to narrate stories; they have thoughts overflowing with passion; you have to channelize those ideas into the right flow of an essay. Make him realize that learning will polish his thoughts into a piece worthy of scoring high grades. Teach the child about tone, vocabulary usage, sentence making, and essay structure. It will show the kid how to make a point, stress a stance, and build an argument. These efforts eventually enhance the skills over time, and your child’s essay writing skillswill improvewith immense depth and, importantly, with preferred convenience. Consequently, the child will do great in college and then the university-level assignments.

Create a Writing Space

Sometimes the environment may hinder or act as a catalyst in the learning process. The learnability factor is sometimes not an issue, but yes, learning space is. Make sure the place your child sits to write is comfortable. Have the right selection of products that helps in improving their writing skills. A good study area and the right utensils are a must. Make sure the writing space is a mix of technology and traditional tools that aid in making the child learn. Have a few gadgets around too. Let the child know from different writing apps. Make them learn new vocabulary through the digital or traditional dictionary. Apply your mind; look out for things that interest the child. However, keep away the distraction because writing space is meant to keep the focus straight. This space has to be completely devoted to writing.

Matching Interests

Connecting your young one’s interests with writing is a task to accomplish. Make sure you have a list of their favorites. It might be:

  • a cartoon character they love;
  • a book series;
  • any other thing they are obsessed with.

Look out for ideas to connect your young one’s favorite game to writing material. It will help them enjoy writing more because now they have something in common to share. You will see an extra motivation to learn if you succeed in connecting rightly. Ask them to write about their favorite cartoon character. What traits do you want to see in your favorite character? You may also ask your child to create a story around your character. In short, there can be many variations you may play with. Get them their all-loved stickers, bags, wallpapers, and books they love to read. Ask them to write about their fantasy. Let them write a paragraph on their favorite meal, sports, or any other hobby. The main idea is to make them feel at home and comfortable. It is to make them enjoy what they are doing. Remember improving their pencraft should give them a happy feeling.

Show Your Child How to Use Graphic Organizers

Graphic organizers are a mix of both text and visuals. Also, it is scientifically proven to be a new way of teaching and learning. These graphic organizers are handy for students and teachers as well. It aids the learning process by making it more engaging and easily understandable. The amalgamation of visuals and text helps the students learn with fun. This technique also helps the students to connect existing knowledge with new learning. It also helps them to improve their concepts more convincingly and for good. Besides, it helps the students to:

  • Sequence information.
  • Create new ideas.
  • Visualize.
  • Plan accordingly.

This tool has a unique advantage for teachers too. They are more likely to make the students understand, learn and develop skills like never before. The essay helprequired to brainstorm, solve problems, compare and contrast ideas is also readily available through graphic organizers. Furthermore, the students are more likely to grasp the lessons with ease. Besides, the new age kids can get along with technology and visuals more smoothly.

You are probably feeling relieved after reading these tricks for your child. However, the secret lies in applying these tips to help your young ones improve their writing skills. Go through these tricks once again and start tweaking how you try to help them.


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