5 Top Lessons for Parents Who Enjoy Hiking

Hiking is a great activity in any age. If you have children – this is no reason to give up your favorite habits and entertainment. With children, you can easily go to the approach. It is only worthwhile to familiarize yourself in advance with the information on how to properly prepare for a hike with a child. Our top lessons for parents will help you.

Precautions when hiking with children

Hiking with a small child is a great responsibility. In no case should you not leave a small traveler unattended. Moreover, you should always be extremely attentive and take all the necessary precautions.

Hiking always involves a campfire, the possibility of disorientation and getting lost, as well as the possibility of an unwanted meeting with predators, snakes, and insects. Adults should demonstrate maximum observation and prudence, not forgetting about the baby for a second.

In addition, parents need to know their route in advance. Be sure to study the map of the area and, based on this data, plan their entertainment. For example, if the hiking route lies through the forest, it is better to be vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis. If time does not allow you to get vaccinated, you can get insurance in case of a tick bite. Insurance will make it cheaper and easier to eliminate the consequences of a tick bite.

Clarify the area’s history and tell the child about it. He will be even more interested in the hike. And in the future, he will definitely strive for such adventures, away from the civilized world with many games and tablets. By the way, on the eve of the hike, children need to explain that you can not go away from adults without their permission, as well as forbidden to even try any plants and berries.

You need to look at the weather forecast in advance and plan a trip to suitable sunny days. Of course, hiking with kids should be short and moderately remote, and systematic breaks should be made along the route.

5 top lessons for parents who enjoy hiking with children

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So, what are the 5 top lessons for parents who enjoy hiking with children?

The main purpose of hiking for children is to enjoy

Usually, a hiking trip is taken for a purpose. For example, to reach a body of water, climb a certain mountain top, etc. However, when hiking with children, the goal is different. You need to strive to make the hike educational, instructive, and, of course, fun. For children, the main thing in hiking is getting the necessary experience and unforgettable impressions.

Allow children to set the pace of movement

You should avoid overtiredness in children, especially the youngest traveler. It is necessary to move, considering exactly his speed of movement. Assuming that adults move faster, it will first cost a lot of effort. But even so, you can find a huge number of advantages. You will have the opportunity to look around and consider the beauty of the world around you, as well as catch the mood of children and tune in to the same wave.

Hiking with children gives great pleasure and unforgettable impressions. With the help of their delighted outlook, adults begin to notice all the beautiful things in the world.

Allow children to wear backpacks

Children like to be useful and needed, so allow them to carry some things according to their potential. To assess the child’s capabilities, give travelers a purely symbolic load on their first hikes. For example, if the child is very young, let him carry his water bottle or flashlight. In the course of growth and gaining the necessary experience in hiking, the number of things should be gradually increased. Children want to do good and look mature and independent. And your back will be very grateful for it.

The hike should have a final goal

The child needs a sense of certainty. Before the hike, tell where the hike will end and what the kids will see at the end of the route. Water is a great destination: rivers, sea, waterfalls, etc. Since children are very fond of water bodies, they will find it easier to cope with difficulties on the way because they will be in anticipation of something interesting and fun.

Of course, an adult may enjoy overcoming twenty kilometers of road without attractions, but it will be torture for a child.

Teach your children the skills they need while hiking

The task of parents is not only to educate but also to teach their children. A hiking trip is the best way to visually teach about physics, natural history, biology, and astronomy. Children will definitely enjoy skill lessons from their parents. You can teach your kids how to fish, navigate a map, find the polar star, or climb small rocks. Teaching children to keep nature clean and explaining why you can not leave behind garbage is also mandatory.

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Even if the hiking trip is short, still show your kids how campfire is done. The flames of a campfire remind us of something prehistoric. In primitive times, fire scared away predators, kept the dwelling warm, helped cook food, and communicated with the gods. People, settling around the fire, unite and bond. By the way, children are very fond of participating in the fire building. They can be involved in collecting dry twigs and firewood and can be taught how to build and keep a fire burning.

Hiking with kids is an unforgettable experience for the whole family for the rest of your life!


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