5 Tips for Travelling Internationally With Small Kids

Going to new places with children can be difficult, even close to home, and more so when the trip is abroad. The joy of exploring somewhere unfamiliar can mix with problems such as missing bags, tiredness from changing time zones, and hearing children say they have nothing to do. But don’t allow the thought of travel trouble to stop you from having an amazing time with your family. If you plan well and can adapt, going abroad with young children could be a wonderful journey for all members of your group.

Here are five suggestions for making your journey abroad with little adventurers easier:

1. Preparation is Key

Imagine this situation – the day you leave is here, your luggage is only partly filled, and a growing feeling of anxiety starts to overwhelm you. But before starting to search frantically in all drawers for that hard-to-find passport, keep in mind – spending some moments preparing beforehand will really help!

Here are a few things to prioritize:

Please make sure to verify the expiration dates on your passports and confirm that each person has stored their passport in a secure place. Have you checked if visas are required for the country you are traveling to? Research and organize any necessary paperwork well ahead of time.

Ensure that your small children have received all their standard immunizations. If you plan to travel somewhere, they might need extra vaccines. It’s good to consult with the child’s doctor to keep everything in order.

Make sure to pack carefully. It’s important not to run out of diapers in a faraway village. Rather than carrying a lot of supplies, think about sending them to your place of arrival before you get there. Pay attention to important things such as snacks you know well, items that help with sleep and are soothing, and an outstanding medical kit.

2. Embrace the Power of a Flexible Attitude

Things won’t always go according to plan – and that’s okay. Delays will happen. A person’s beloved plush toy might choose to go on an adventure alone through the airport. Being adaptable can work like a special ability for you. Keep in mind, children are very strong and usually recover from small setbacks and interruptions more easily than we think.

Is it useful to feel angry because rain cancelled your outdoor plan? Change your plans, take an umbrella and enjoy jumping over the water on the ground. Sometimes, the detours turn into the most treasured memories.

3. Harness the Power of Snacks (and Entertainment)

When you are hungry and angry at the same time, especially with feelings of jet lag and confusion from being in a new place, everyone understands this feeling. Carrying snacks with you can really help.

Bring snacks and also many things for fun to make the travel time go by quicker. Consider having colouring books, activities with stickers, a tablet filled with movies… and remember that playing cards can be very entertaining too. Giving them a little, new toy at just the right time can also do amazing things.

4. Manage Expectations – Yours and Theirs

To speak some truth, trying to do the same things you did before having kids – like going to museums and eating dinner late at trendy coffee places – might not make for the perfect holiday you were thinking of. You should change what you expect and don’t forget to involve your children when making plans. Inquire about what is making them feel eager, even if it’s just the thought of a big bed in a hotel. Think about planning activities focused on children that all can take pleasure in, such as going to a zoo or exploring an incredible playground. And most importantly, schedule relaxation time. Naps and breaks are not optional!

5. Transportation Options

Navigating a country that is not your own with small children might feel overwhelming, but if you prepare well, it becomes manageable.

  • Taxis and ride-sharing services are practical options; however, you should check if they have car seats available. It might be wise to do some research before you travel or think about taking your own car seat to feel more at ease.
  • Public transport, like buses, trains and undergrounds is enjoyable for people who like adventure. It usually doesn’t cost much money. Just be prepared for potential crowds.
  • For a relaxed journey, it’s good to book your transfer in advance. The AtoB company provides private transfers with car seats planned ahead, so you don’t have to worry if they are available or safe.


Travelling to other countries with little children is really like going on an adventure – you will experience good moments, difficult times, and surprises that you didn’t see coming. Keep in mind, the best things that you take back from these journeys are not small items bought at local shops, but the moments spent together and memories that stay with your family forever. Welcome the slower rhythm, accept some unexpected routes, book reliable transfers, and feel free to enjoy yourself as much as your children do. After all, seeing a new location with the curiosity of a child is often the most delightful way to explore it.

Allow the journey of your family to be crafted by a sense of wonder and the ability to adjust – everything else will sort itself out. Have a good trip!


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