5 Tips For Encouraging Your Kid’s Love For Outdoor Adventure

Do you remember the fun you had playing outside as a child? That was probably one of the most exciting experiences you had. Unfortunately, only 27% of children play outside in modern times. Due to the emergence of technology and more indoor fun activities, children have begun staying indoors, avoiding many fun activities they would ordinarily be involved in outside. This has resulted in an exponential increase in lifestyle diseases, especially among children. Because of this, parents need to devise ways to encourage their children to embrace outdoor adventure. Here are five tips you can try out.

1. Get A Subscription to an Outdoor Adventure Box

Subscription boxes are an excellent way to increase the fun and thrill of the outdoors. Ordinarily, outdoor play is often sports-centered. As such, children with no interest in sports may have difficulty relating to outdoor adventure activities. However, with an top selling outdoor subscription boxes for kids such as Wanlow, your children will begin embracing the outdoors and all the fun that comes with it.

Wanlow subscription boxes for kids are excellent in providing kids with the incentive to play outside and learn about nature. The subscription costs only $49.99 a month and comes equipped with all the tools and toys a child aged 6 to 11 years would enjoy playing with. The first subscription box, dubbed “The Welcome Box,” is the perfect way for children to begin their outdoor adventures. It comes with a variety of items, such as:

  • An activity booklet describing different fun things to try.
  • A hammock for outdoor relaxation.
  • Journals and logs for bucket lists and exploration challenges.
  • And much more.

Each box has a unique theme, with different items curated to give your child the thrill of outside play. You can check out the past boxes the team at Wanlow distributed to see how fun they could be.

2. Have Outdoor Fun Together with Them

Kids enjoy doing fun things with their parents and siblings. You will often notice them watching TV with you or playing in the living room as you read a book. Why not change these activities to outdoor adventures and take your children outside? When planning your next fun activity with your children and the entire family, consider getting one that involves outdoor adventure. Doing so will help you take your children outside and get them excited about the fun they can have outdoors.

Some activities you can consider include:

  • Short hikes
  • Playing in the park
  • Camping
  • Bike rides

3. Learn About Nature Together

Outdoor activities are fun when they involve specific activities you do outside. Simply going out for a walk can become boring for children, especially when they can only think about what TV Show is running or what levels they need to play on their video games. If you want to encourage your kid’s love for outdoor adventure, consider getting them involved in an outdoor adventure activity that consists of learning and has some progress.

For example, you could try out activities such as bird watching, where you would go to the park and spot some popular birds in your area. Any time you spot a bird, try and take photo of it and create a photo album of all the birds you spot. Alternatively, you can start a rock collection which you would regularly update as you continue with your outdoor activities. In the long run, your kids will start loving outdoor adventures.

4. Get An Outdoors Routine

Outdoor routines can be an excellent way to ensure that you regularly go outside and have fun while at it. Outdoor routines are instrumental in building a practice of consistency. With a good routine, you can plan out activities in advance and always do them. Routines are also a good tool to use for planning. Going outdoors spontaneously can be fun.

But this may lead to a repetition of many of the activities. However, with a journal or a log of activities, you can plan everything, enjoying new activities every time you go out. This will foster a love for the outdoors among your children.

5. Join An Adventure Group

Outdoor activities are fun when done with the company. If you want to create a love for outdoor adventure among your children, consider getting a fun outdoor activity group and enrolling yourself and your kids in it. The adventure group can help you plan activities and create a community for you to be involved in as you go to the great outdoors. Remember to find one that has other families or children involved. Your kids will enjoy hanging out with other children outside and, as a result, will develop a deep love for outdoor adventure.

Wrapping Up

Kids benefit greatly when playing outside and going on outdoor adventures. However, only some are interested in such activities since they have developed a sedentary lifestyle that keeps them indoors. Following the tips above will put your children in an excellent position, allowing them to develop a deep love for the outdoors. Consider trying them out and having fun with your children outside.


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