5 Must-Have Work-from-Home PDF Tools

If you work from home, then you probably have everything you need in terms of hardware (PC, laptop, high-speed internet) and software, but do you have any PDF tools or PDF software? The PDF format is unique since it can be shared across various platforms and devices without needing to conform to accessibility or software requirements. Organizations from universities and schools to hospitals and banks, use PDFs to collect, share and gather information, so online PDF tools are in high demand. There are also online PDF editors that you can use rather than buying PDF software, which can be more expensive. 

Why Working From Home is the New Normal? 

The pandemic forced significant changes on society in every aspect, from how we interact to how we work and learn. While students and teachers started learning virtually, employees and businesses also went remote to stay safe. But, unlike with online learning, employees who worked from home welcomed the change. 

The idea of going to work in an office was an unquestioned part of modern life for generations. Despite the pandemic’s heavy toll on people’s lives, one of its unanticipated effects was to disrupt thinking about commonplace things, like the idea of office work. Given how interconnected businesses are, going remote was not as disruptive to work and business as it was to education and other sectors. 

Why Companies Are Going Paperless 

Companies are going paperless because it frees up space, resources, and manpower. Paper documents need a lot of storage space, cost a lot of money to produce and reproduce, and can often be riddled with errors leading to costly delays. Eliminating the need for paper requires companies to adopt new types of software and programs to make the switch. 

PDF software and PDF editors are perfect companion tools that can help any business go paperless since the PDF is an ideal format to collect, share and present information. The costs involved in using PDFs as a company’s central method to share and collect data are also minimal and require only purchasing the software and paying annual license fees. 

The Best PDF Tools 

PDF Converter 

PDF has many advantages, but one of its disadvantages is that it is hard to edit PDFs after they are finished. But this disadvantage is resolved quickly by the fact that you can convert PDFs into other file formats (Word, Excel, Google Docs) so you can make changes to the document and then convert it back to a PDF. 

Compress PDFs 

Even though PDFs take up no physical space, they do occupy a lot of space on hard drives and other digital storage platforms. Given that many PDFs also contain large, high-resolution images or graphics, their size can become unmanageable. But if the file size is a problem you can use a compress PDF tool to shrink the file to a more manageable size so you can send it or save drive space. 

PDF Editor 

A PDF editor is a great tool if you want to create your PDFs and customize them to your preferences, but it can also help make changes to an existing PDF. You can always convert a PDF document to make minor changes, but if you want to make major changes to the format, text, or layout, a PDF editor is the best way to do it. 

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Merge PDF

If you want to create new text from the parts of other files, a merge PDF tool is an ideal method. Merging PDFs is another standout feature of the file format, and is useful in compiling various sources together so you do not have to write or rewrite pages from those particular texts. You can simply load all your PDFs into the tool and click Merge to create a new one. 

Protect PDF 

PDFs are used for a variety of different reasons, but one of them is to transfer private and sensitive information like medical records, financial statements, and business strategies. Fortunately, PDFs can be secured in many different ways from password encryption and watermarks to prevent unauthorized copying or distribution. 


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