5 Key Tips for Housing a Grand Banquet Hall Wedding

Banquet halls are known to be flexible spaces that can accommodate a wide range of needs, preferences, and demands. These spaces also tend to be incredibly affordable, making them an ideal choice for budget-friendly weddings and other events.

The unlimited possibilities ensure you can easily put your unique style and flair throughout the space. If you are trying to decide on a perfect venue for your wedding, the following tips can help make that happen.

1.   Find the perfect banquet hall

Choosing the perfect banquet hall for your wedding can feel like an overwhelming task. That said, making the right choice does not have to be impossible. The following five factors outline how you can find the best venue that meets your needs and wants.

  • Finalize your location and budget: Finalizing your budget and location helps narrow down the choices, as well as available spaces.
  • Do a thorough research: Conducting effective research about the potential venue options will help in shortlisting some of the best-suited options for your specific needs.
  • List your requirements: Listing all of your needs makes it easier to find a perfect banquet hall that can accommodate most (if not all) of your requests.
  • Do an assessment of the banquet hall: Visiting the banquet hall before signing a vendor’s contract ensures it fulfills all your requirements.
  • Assess availability: Before your heart is set on a specific banquet hall, it’s important to confirm it will be available first.

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2.   Personalizing the decor

Regardless of which banquet hall venue you decide on, your wedding is still a special day. The decor—both inside and outside—should be a reflection of your vision for the ceremony. Take advantage of different decor techniques that make it easy to transform any venue event space in Vaughan.

  • Drape the ceilings: Hanging drapes from the ceiling, viewing galleries, and stage can create an illusion of grandeur within small spaces.
  • Hanging floral arrangements: Arranging your flowers on various levels can help create visual appeal throughout the space, and elevate the overall decor presentation.
  • Highlight your colour: The colour you choose for your wedding will depend on personal preference, time of year, as well as the size and layout of the space itself. Lighter colours can help make a small room feel more intimate, bright, and airy.
  • Tall table centrepieces: Tall table centrepieces with crystal holders are known to create more height on the tables, giving the illusion of space.

3.   Designing the seating arrangement

Having an assigned seating plan makes it easier to run things on the day of the event. Not only will your guests know exactly where to sit, but the wedding coordinator and food servers can easily help serve them throughout the night.

  • Don’t overthink: While it’s helpful to take the feelings of your guests into consideration, try not to put too much thought into how they will react to your seating plan. Just do your best to make everyone comfortable.
  • Make the guest list first: You can’t start arranging the seating plan without knowing exactly who is attending your wedding. Therefore, finalize the guest list beforehand.
  • Consider your venue: The table setup and seating arrangements will rely heavily on the layout of your venue, as well as the available space and type of area you will host the wedding.
  • Create your floor plan: Taking the size of the venue into consideration, build a complete floor plan for your wedding. You can either find a template online, build your own, or have a wedding organizer complete this for you.

4.   Set up a dance floor

The dance floor—for many reasons—is often a focal point for any wedding. When you are planning the layout of the day’s events, it’s important not to forget about the placement of the dance floor. A good rule of thumb for determining the size and scale of your dance floor is to take the number of guests and divide it by half.

Typically, not everyone will be dancing at the same time, so this leaves an adequate amount of space for other guests to still mingle and interact with each other while the dancing happens. Multiplying the half number of guests by 4.5 will give you the exact square footage your dance floor will need to cover.

Although these numbers are helpful, it is best to use them as a guide. After all, you want to cater the space to your wedding needs and guests. If you anticipate a lively group who will spend most of the evening on the dance floor, then consider expanding the dance floor.

5.   Capturing precious moments

Hire a Professional Photographer

Working with a professional photographer ensures you will have the benefits of experience and expertise at your wedding. Early in the planning process, you should research the different photographer options available, comparing both costs and portfolio examples. Once you have found a professional you like, reach out to them immediately as their calendars fill up quickly during the wedding season.

Plan for the Photos You Want

Having pre-wedding planning sessions with your photographer is important because it allows you to determine which shots you want captured. This is also a good opportunity to see examples and gain inspiration for unique photos you may want. Either consider visiting the venue with your photographer or send them pictures of the layout so they can provide input on the type of photos that may be possible.

Essential Shots and Candid Captures

When it comes to capturing your wedding day, it’s important to have a good balance of planned essential shots and candid moments. While there will be poses you want to later display and share with people online, you also want to make sure both you and your guests remember the unexpected little things that happened. Often, candid photos manage to capture some of the best memories even if you aren’t aware of them at the moment.

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Plan Ahead and Enjoy

Finding the perfect banquet hall for your wedding can be a daunting task. However, with early planning and a lot of patience, you can get one step closer to your dream day. By taking the time to learn about different types of venues, establishing good working relationships, and considering feasibility, you will be well on your way.


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