5 Garage Door Ideas to Enhance the Exterior of Your Home In 2023

Most homeowners consider garage doors are functional structures whose primary role revolves around protecting the valuables stored inside the garage. However, these doors can also impact your home’s general aesthetics significantly.

The right garage door can leave a lasting impression on your guests while also boosting your home’s resale value. Even if you’re not planning to sell the property, simply having a garage door that complements your home’s exterior can help invite a sense of serenity and homeyness into your life.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways to upgrade your garage door to bring it in tune with your home’s exterior. This post explores five such ideas.

1. Choose a Garage Door That Matches Your Front Door

A mismatch between the garage and front doors is a leading cause of visual disharmony in many home exteriors. That explains why experts recommend choosing a garage door whose appearance complements the front door.

For instance, you could opt for a steel or wooden garage door if your property’s front door is equally made of steel or wood, respectively. There’s also the aspect of color combination to consider.

However, choosing a matching front door and garage door doesn’t necessarily mean that materials and colors should match in the literal sense. You could simply experiment with complementary or contrasting styles.

For instance, a metallic garage door with a wooden finish would blend well with a steel or wooden front door. When it comes to colors, you can choose a calming pair like black and gray or a complementary palette like black and white. 

2. Experiment with a Wooden Garage Door

Steel may be the go-to material for garage door panels. But if you are looking to transform the exterior of your home, then you’d do well to experiment with wooden doors.

Besides being incredibly beautiful, wooden garage doors are also remarkably customizable. That means you can choose from a plethora of designs. You can also have the door modified to fit non-standard openings. What’s more – wood resonates with Mother Nature’s calming effects.

Mahogany and cedar are the most popular woods recommended for garage doors. That’s due to their durability and the fact that they typically feature natural wood grain. Given the proper weather treatment, both kinds of wood can last years without needing replacement.

Cedar and mahogany are also customizable despite being relatively strong. You can liaise with the garage door fabricator to have the door printed with personalized designs that elevate your home’s exterior.

3. Install Stone Veneers as Accents

The concept of accent or feature walls doesn’t only work for interior designs. It also applies to the exterior walls, especially those adjacent to a garage door.

Now, you can bring out a decorative accent from your garage door’s front-facing wall in multiple ways. One popular style is installing stone veneers.

The first thing you’ll love about stone veneers is that they not only accentuate the garage door. They can also help transform your home’s front yard into a magical spectacle.

Besides, stone veneers aren’t genuine stones. Instead, they’re made from a special fiber cement that resembles stones. Since you’re working with cement and not actual stones, installing stone veneers is considerably fast and affordable.

4. Add Accent Lighting

It’s challenging to discuss accent walls without making significant references to accent lighting.

Accent lights perform the key function of illuminating selected areas of the garage. That explains why the ideal place to install them would be next to the stone veneer accent wall.

However, accent lighting will add an extra touch of elegance to your garage, whether there’s an accent wall by the door or not. The lights play a huge role in shaping your garage door appearance in the evening.

You can use them to subtly flaunt your garage door to your neighbors just before turning them off or leave them to sparkle throughout the night.

And just so you know, accent lights are designed to be easier on energy consumption.

5. Overhaul Your Garage Door

All the tips mentioned above involve updating your garage door to bring it in harmony with your front yard. But if you’re still using older garage door models, your best bet would be to overhaul the door altogether.

Remodeling Magazine cites garage door overhaul among the top home improvement projects for resale. But even without resale in mind, there are numerous arguments in favor of upgrading to newer garage door models.

First, newer models come with additional security features. The most notable is the rolling code system that auto-generates a new code each time you press the button. This helps keep your door hacker-proof.

Modern garage doors are also designed with aesthetics in mind. So, they blend incredibly well with most of your home’s exterior features. Depending on where you purchase the door, you could even have it customized to your needs.

The Bottom Line

The sky’s the limit when picking an excellent garage door remodeling idea. Just be sure to engage a home renovation expert to get the most out of the remodeling exercise.

The technician will carefully inspect your home’s exterior before recommending a perfect garage door modification idea. Their expertise will also be invaluable in helping you determine whether to renovate your garage door or upgrade to a new one altogether.

Author Bio: Jessica is a content specialist in health and wellness niche from last 5 years. Apart from writing she loves to travel and read books. She also have worked with Elite Garage Door & Gate Repair.


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