5 Fun Ideas for Game Night with Family and Friends

For multiple reasons, families find it easier and safer to stay at home to entertain other family members and friends. In addition to movie nights, families are planning dinner parties, themed parties, backyard campfire family night, and hosting game night for other families to enjoy. Continue reading for five fun ideas for hosting family game night and ideas for fun snack foods for your family.

The most important part of planning or hosting a family night is getting the snacks and foods together. Some tips for planning meals or snacks for game night are:

  • Make food family-friendly – prepare options.
  • Have small plates if your fun is in the evening, past dinnertime.
  • Make snacks finger size.
  • Have non-carbonated drinks.
  • Get help preparing snack trays or boards.
  • Use paper goods so cleaning up is easy.

Other ideas for planning a memorable family game night include:

Card Games

No family game night is complete without having card games. Having multiple decks of cards is inexpensive and a great way to get everyone at family game night involved. You can make it even more special with custom playing cards for your family to take away as parting gifts. Custom cards will take your night and the memories up a notch. The cards can represent each family in attendance with games, a family emblem, or even pictures.

Some fun card games for the entire family include:

  • Go Fish
  • Whist
  • 21
  • Tunk
  • Spades
  • Poker

Couples Night

Change family game night to couples night and see how much fun you will have. Couples night gives the couples an opportunity for great games and feelings full of love and lite romance without chasing down little ones in someone else’s home.

In addition to having plenty of food and spirits for the adults who attend, make sure that you have plenty of fun games that couples play together. Some game ideas include:

Have the couples stand face to face with their significant other. One of them will have five to six separated life-saver candies on a toothpick – holding the free end of the toothpick between their front teeth – dangling from their mouth. The other partner will have a candy-free toothpick dangling from their mouth. The object is to transfer the candies from one toothpick to the other without dropping or eating them.

Round Robin

If you have space in your living room, garage, or backyard, your family game night can be a Round Robin of games and activities. To begin, pull four or five small round tables, large enough to seat four comfortably. At each table will be different games for various family members.

For instance, at one table, players can play Uno, at another table Connect Four, at another table Monopoly, and at the last table, they can play Family Feud. Having multiple game tables means that no one group is sitting around waiting for a game to end before getting a chance to play.

Fun Facts

As the family game night host, you can get as creative as you want with planning family games. One fun thing to consider is a theme for your family game night. In addition to asking your guest to dress in the theme, you can prepare foods and decorate your home to go along with that theme.

The host designs the Fun Facts game. You want to consider the theme you have selected and research some fun facts about it. Then you want to write those facts down (at least 20 facts) on construction paper and pin them around your home there, your guest will see them. They can be listed on one giant poster board or on several pieces of paper – as long as your guest sees them. Then, after guests have mingled, had snacks and fellowships, take the notes down and store them somewhere.

Give everyone a sheet of paper and a pencil and start questioning them about your posted facts. Your guest will have fun trying to remember the facts. The winner is the person who gets the most points correct.

Small Gifts

Family members love to leave the family game night with memories from the night. Therefore, as the host, you can have several small gift bags with items from a dollar store. You can select winners based on anything, for instance, who arrived first, who came last and other quirky ideas.

As you have read, planning a family game night is a great way for safe family fun. Including some of the tips above in your game night will ensure that your evening is fun and memorable.


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