5 Best Baby Monitors For Newborns

Taking care of a newborn kid isn’t an easy task to uphold, and every parent already knows that. The kid constantly requires attention, care and loving from both the parents it doesn’t even matter what time of the day it maybe. Keeping an eye out for the newborn is one of the most essential part of being a new parent. But since, parents couldn’t possibly latch their eyes onto the newborn every second, baby monitors were invented. A tool that can truly help every parent to notice every aspect of their kid no matter where they maybe, in the house.

Today! We have sought out the 5 best baby monitors for every parent they can use to keep an eye out for their kid, so without further ado let’s start talking about them.


The Wise Net Baby Video Monitor Sew-3048 is by far one of the best baby view monitor currently running in the market. Crowned at the mother and baby awards 2019, you can rest assured as you acquire this product for your child. The baby monitor focuses on two-way communication, so you can talk and assure your child with your soothing voice, and indicating a sense of presence alongside it.

It packs an impressive 6-hour battery life, night vision, and an absolutely beautiful in-depth screen of 4.3”, that way you can easily keep an eye out for all the activity your kid must be doing as you leave the room. The Wise Net Baby Video Monitor Sew-3048 review is also stunning so you can easily get an even more in-depth know-how about this particular baby monitor for a newborn.

Motorola MBP35SC Digital Video Baby Monitor

If you’re truly looking for peace of mind then the Motorola MBP35SC Digital Video Baby Monitor is just the right product for you, it’s highly recommended by all parents across the globe. Why? you may ask. Well since the product comes equipped with 5 LED’s on the baby monitor to give an iridescent view of the room and a stunning audio piece to help you hear every sound clearly.

Though the screen is a bit small, it still offers pan zoom & tilt function, so you can remotely control it with ease, the Motorola MBP35SC reviews can explain a bit more about the product to you, in case you might be wondering why to avail this baby video monitor.

Luvion Supreme Wi-Fi Connect Video Baby Monitor

When it comes to more visibility and ease of access to see every nook and cranny of your baby’s nursery, then the Luvion supreme Wi-Fi Connect Video Monitor is perfect for every parent. Unlike the other products mentioned above the Luvion Supreme and the Luvion Prestige 2 actually offers you downloadable apps on any device. Meaning you can even keep an eye on your kid when you might be at work or away from home.

The product also holds house to thousands of different lullabies that you can easily play with just the click of a button. Making this product take a spot on our list for the 5 best baby products for parents.

Motorola Halo+ MBP944 Smart Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor

Now as we grow closer to finishing off the best 5 series another, baby video monitor that parents must have is the Motorola Halo+. Another masterpiece from the giant smartphone company, the video monitor Motorola Halo+ MBP944, can easily be mounted right into your newborns’ crib. You can have a 720HD view of your kid as they sleep, you can also keep a look at the sudden drop of temperatures in the room, and the best part is you can play polyphonic melodies right from your smartphone.

There are a bunch of stunning Motorola Halo+ reviews available online for you to know more in-depth about the brand as well as the product, and Motorola Halo+ UK, also has quite a few surprises in store for the consumers, as they offer a variety of separate discounts and deals on this specific item.

Nanny Baby Sensor Breathing Monitor

To finish up the 5 best baby monitors for newborns, the last one we decided to talk about is a bit different than the rest mentioned above. Though the rest products mentioned are all video monitoring devices, this one is a breathing sensor. The nanny baby sensor breathing monitor has quite a huge demand in the market as of 2018. Since it’s a product that easily monitors, the heart rate and the rhythm of your newborns’ breath. It’s simply a baby breathing monitor mat, which on its own will accomplish only a little thing. But when paired up with any of the product items mentioned above can surely add an extra layer of protection for parents, because with this pair they’ll easily be able to watch and monitor the newborn. At any given time of the day they like. Now, if you’re looking for a bundle of savings on any of these products then do visit as they have got the best discounts available on all these products brands.


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