5 Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Offshore Injury Lawyer

Offshore injuries make up only a tiny percentage of the total number of personal injuries that occur every year, but they do require special treatment. If you’ve been injured in a maritime accident, it is best to seek the assistance of a maritime lawyer right away. Proving your case when you’ve been offshore can be difficult to do and requires an experienced attorney in your field.

5 Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Offshore Injury Lawyer

1. Your Maritime Lawyer Knows What You’re Up Against

The types of injuries that occur on oil rigs and other offshore work environments are often unique to the kind of work being done. In addition, you are more likely to be facing off against a large corporation that is at fault for your accident. Experienced maritime and offshore injury lawyers in Houston already know the other players in the game, and they know just how to handle your type of case. They can also give you the best idea of what to expect once you file a case and a ballpark for what type of settlement you deserve.

2. Helping You Navigate the Legal Process

After a serious injury, the last thing you want to be doing is trying to figure out how and where to file a suit against your employer. Your HR person and insurance agent may be of little help, even if they seemed like they were on your side in the beginning. Now you need an advocate who can file the paperwork and get your case heard. If you start getting pushback from your company about your rights, your attorney will fight to make sure that they can’t ignore your claim.

They will also make sure you understand any and all contracts that are offered by your employer, which may absolve them of fault. Before you sign anything, you should always have your attorney look it over and give you their approval. Otherwise, you could be waiving your rights to seek fair compensation.

3. Negotiating for the Best Outcome

Many maritime injury cases end in settlements long before reaching the courthouse. This is because your company is likely to offer you a payout to avoid additional legal fees, especially if they believe they will lose. Before you jump to accept their settlement, you should have an attorney review it to determine if it is fair.

Your attorney will be able to take an objective view of the settlement number and your medical expenses and tell you whether or not to accept. In many cases, the company’s first offer is a lowball number to get you off their back. Accepting a settlement too soon means you might end up losing out on additional coverage for ongoing treatments and therapies, as well as lost wages in the future.

4. Moving Your Case Forward

A common problem faced by parties injured in offshore accidents is when their case stalls for no apparent reason. If you’ve been injured and in need of medical care, you can’t afford to wait around on your company to compensate you. Having an attorney available means that they can be placing phone calls and keeping the pressure on to get you a payment sooner than later. If you’ve been stuck in a lengthy battle, waiting for a resolution, hiring an attorney can kick things into high gear.

5. Setting the Record Straight

Maritime work is an extremely specialized field. As a result, it is not uncommon to hear of workers being blacklisted after an injury or lawsuit. If you find that you are unable to get new work following a major injury or settlement, your attorney might be able to help. Companies who intentionally blacklist former employees can be held responsible for your lost wages and punished for retaliating against you. To pursue a case of this kind, however, you will need plenty of documentation and a maritime lawyer who is prepared to go to court.

Before you pursue a case of this kind, your attorney will look over the evidence you have and determine if it is sufficient for you to make your claim. If not, they may ask you to provide additional information or of you other options that are more likely to end with a positive resolution. If they decide that your case is not strong enough to pursue, it is best to take their word. If you’ve been injured offshore, you should contact an attorney right away. Whether your injury is big or small, your company is responsible for helping you get back on your feet and ensuring that you are compensated for all of your losses along the way. No accident should be ignored, and you should never let a company bully you into not filing a claim when they are responsible, even if they try to persuade you otherwise. 


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