4in1 Montessori Climbing Frame Set for Your Kids

We live in the middle of a concrete jungle with no space for my kids to do any physical activity, and that is why I bought the 4in1 Montessori Climbing Frame Set (Triangle Ladder + Arch/Rocker + Slide Board/Ramp + Climbing Net) from Goodevas.  My five-year-old and three-year-old have been over the moon ever since they got this. I feel every penny spent on it is worth it! We do not have a park near where we live, and with this climbing frame set I feel that there is a park inside our apartment!

I must say, the benefits of this Montessori climbing set for my children have been really numerous. They are physically more active and agile.  It is also developing their confidence. Every time my three-year-old climbs to the top of the ladder, his sense of achievement is palpable. Not only that, they even role pay on it with my neighbour’s kids. Just today they played a pirate game imagining the rocker as their pirate ship! And what matters most is that they are playing without guidance from anyone! This climbing frame set seems to really develop imagination and independence.

The only issue I had was that the set was out of stock in the colour I wanted when I ordered it, so I had to wait a while. But it was well worth the wait. It came in a well-packaged box and the assembly was quite straightforward.

I am very particular that the toys I get for my kids should be eco-friendly and safe for use. So I was quite delighted to know that the climbing set is CE (European Union) and CPC (USA: Children’s Product Certificate) certified. I did some research and learnt that it is made with premium Latvian birch plywood, and is devoid of formaldehyde. Apparently they use bio-based natural lignin, a renewable adhesive, thus promoting a green initiative.

The climbing set can even be used outdoors. In fact, when I take my kids to visit their grandma over the summer vacation from school, I take the climbing set too, and it fits perfectly in the backyard of the house. It is very durable, and can withstand a lot of kids stampeding over it. I guess as long as it is not in heavy rain or scorching son, it will hold up.

I must admit that the price was a deterrent at first, but then I checked with a friend who had bought it, and they swore that it was worth every penny spent on it. Now that I have bought it, I know what she meant. This 4in1 Montessori Climbing Frame Set is really worth it!


  1. Allows a wide range of movement
  2. Can be used indoors and outdoors
  3. High quality material
  4. Built to international safety standards
  5. Can be used by kids of a wide range of ages


  1. Price could be a deterrent for people on a tight budget


Highly recommended!


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